TO: 38th Fleet Promotions Board FROM: LT Zaldo, Request for Promotion

TO: 38th Fleet Promotions Board
CC: CAPT Quint; CMDR Isohlah; LCDR Teb
FROM: LT Zaldo
SUBJECT: Request for Promotion.

To the members of the promotions board and all officers involved,

On this stardate I, Mathilda Zaldo do respectfully request full and fair consideration from the members of the board of promotions, and hereby formally request promotion to the rank of Lieutenant Commander. I am fully prepared to take any exams or simulations, and if need be, stand before the board to defend my application on the merits. What follows is all pertinent information regarding my service since my last promotion and letters of recommendation from officers I have served under.


Zaldo, Mathilda

Operations Officer, U.S.S. White Hawk [temporary assignment]


2404 – Graduated Starfleet Academy, Assigned to Deep Space K-7

2406 – Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade

2408 – Awarded the Starfleet Silver Palm

2410 – Promoted to full Lieutenant

2411 – Becomes Assistant Chief Counselor DS K-7

2411 – Awarded the Starfleet Extended Tour Ribbon

2414 – Transferred to DS-13

2414 - Awarded the Nareem Iron Wings

2414 - Reprimand for Conduct Unbecoming - 30 days Administrative work, 1 day in the brig

2414 - Awarded the Starfleet Decoration for Gallantry

2414- Assigned to U.S.S. White Hawk as mission specialist and operations officer

2414 - Commendation from CAPT Perim for Doza IV operations

Special Note: LT Zaldo was reprimanded for Conduct Unbecoming, regarding a physical altercation with a (at the time) superior officer, one LT Osiangli at the Starlight Cantina, witnessed in part by Captain Pailes, with the full security log reviewed by DS13 CO Fleet Captain Perim. The security log can be accessed on request by the board. For the incident both Zaldo and Osiangli spent less than one full day in the base brig, and upon release Zaldo was given 30 days administrative duties as punishment. Zaldo has returned to full duty status without further incident.

Fitness Report:


Up to Date: Y

Status: OK for active duty

Notes: No major or minor concerns. Subject is healthy with no know allergies or abnormal genetic markers.

Evaluator: Martin Harrision (Starfleet Medical)


Up to Date: Y

Status: OK for active duty

Spoiler: Psych ProfileShow
Evaluator: Sedai, Katriel Eden
Authority: Psychological Counselor, Deep Space 13

Subject: Zaldo, Mathilda
Stardate: ((09/12/15))
Length of Interview: 1.5 hrs


The authority granted by Starfleet Medical P.D. finds the subject to be of sound mental health and fit for active duty, as of his assessment date. Authority affirms that no potential psychological trauma was observed during the interview.

During interview, authority observed the subject to be fairly plainspoken, in possession of a malleable attitude that allows her to be professional and earnest in equal measure. Subject's countenance never hinted at duplicity and she appears highly adaptable, intuitively observing how her surroundings are moving and integrating seamlessly into them, social or otherwise. Subject is a competent conversationalist and quite unafraid of new situations or scenarios, which speaks to her abundant confidence and lack of self-consciousness.

Subject is very much at home in her selected profession and, like others in the same department, trends positive on her outlook on other people and their motivations. Seemingly counter to this, however, is a streak of independence and self-sufficiency that prevents her from simply unburdening herself on just anyone else. Subject seems particularly interested in novel experiences, but maintains enough discipline to stay realistically cautious.

((The full, attached report goes on for another 8 pages.))

Evaluator: Katriel Sedai (Psychological Counselor, Deep Space 13)

Letters of Recommendation:

CMDR Isohlah, Chief of Counseling, DS13

CAPT Quint, Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Paladin

LCDR Teb, Chief of Operations, U.S.S. White Hawk

I stand ready to be evaluated by this board and will respect and honor any decisions it makes with regards to my request. Thank you in advance for your consideration with this matter.


Mathilda Zaldo, Lieutenant Starfleet.
Operations Officer, U.S.S. White Hawk.
TO: LT Zaldo
CC: CAPT Quint; CMDR Isohlah; LCDR Teb
FROM:38th Fleet Promotions Board
SUBJECT: RE: Request for Promotion.

Lieutenant Zaldo,

Thank you for your submission to the promotion board. The Board will be conducting its review of your file this week, and will have published results on stardate 92027 (10JAN16).

Promotion Board President
TO: LT Zaldo
CC: CAPT Quint; CMDR Isohlah; LCDR Teb
FROM:38th Fleet Promotions Board
SUBJECT: RE: Request for Promotion.

All Personnel,

The Promotion Board has convened and it has officially found Lieutenant Zaldo to be qualified for the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Her sequence number for promotion within the Eta Eridani Sector Command is 16 out of 391. Her date of rank has been slated for 92086.3 (01FEB16).

Promotion Board President

((Promotion approved. I put your date of rank as the first of the very next month. Its you and your commands to decide what you want to do, if anything. Of note for other folks, this process is NOT required to get your character promoted, but we do support it as a process to help with character development and to support RP. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks,))