To: Admr. Perim | From: 'The Bloody Barron' | Subj: Cannon Fodder

To: Admiral Perim
From: Capt. J. Barron
Subj: Cannon Fodder


I came across something…interesting in reviewing the data we pulled from these Mirror Itrins. See, our Itrins had several servitor worlds, we know these worlds in this universe formed this new ‘Azedi Confederacy’ however, not ALL of the servitor worlds are apart of this, anymore.

The Confederacy once consisted of nine worlds but has since shrunk down to six, with the six core worlds ‘eliminating’ what they believed to be dissidence within their ranks. The first of these worlds was Junayd, but apparently the Confederacy couldn’t even do that properly, because reports indicate not only did the Junayd survive, but they still harbor ill feelings for the Azedi.

This can be exploited to our benefit. Records indicate these Junayd utilize organic constructs which we can use for ground forces, their ships utilize roughly the same technology as the Azedi, giving us first hand account of what they are capable of, and we can easily coarse them to be our frontline cannon fodder. Once we have completed our campaign, we simply line them up and kill them.

Better for us to have our enemies fight amongst themselves and weaken them up for us to swoop in for the finish. Lauren already lost us one ship, and that was against ONE federation vessel against three of ours! I imagine when Starfleet finally does put their big boy pants on and come for us, we will lose more. This isn’t a waiver in faith but a tactical truth, and as we are attempting to eliminate the means to recoup their forces, we too are in the same situation.

We were 60 strong coming into this campaign, and day one we’re down to 59. There is a chance we can rope in new resources, personnel, and intel without having to sacrifice anything on our end. Conquering and Subjugating a new race we have no intention of maintaining would just cost even more resources we cant afford. Controversial as it may be, this wouldn’t be the first ‘Red Wedding’ we have had to host to achieve a goal.

With your permission, I can set out to Junayd now; and if nothing else, at least we would get a assessment of the planet we are planning to glass anyway.

Captain Jason ‘Bloody’ Barron
Captain ISS Kubla Khan


To: CAPT Barron
CC: CAPT Varley
From: ADM Perim
Subj: RE: Cannon Fodder


A single victory would be worth far more to this battlefleet than 343 tediously patronizing words. If you believe yourself more capable than Varley, I invite you to prove it.

Go to Junayd. Bring me their obedience, or news of their demise.

Admiral Neema Perim
Commanding, 38th Battlefleet


To: ADM Perim
CC: CAPT Varley
From: CAPT Barron
Subj: Re: Cannon Fodder


I write to inform you of my success in the Junayd System! The Junayd swear their allegiance and resources to the Terran Empire in our Campaign against the Azedi. They have spent many years in seclusion attempting to build their forces, and in doing so have been closely monitoring the Azedi in preparation to strike. Attached is a detailed record of Azedi fleet movements with noted patterns and military plans. This will allow us to completely circumvent their patrols on our way to their Home Planet of Azed!

They have also vowed ships to strike in key systems alongside our own operations to keep the Azedi Fleet fractured, furthering the operational success of our conquest! I have reviewed the Junayd’s capabilities, and have found they do not utilize the Heretic Wormhole Technology as the rest of the Azedi, therefor should not be worth our time to both to destroy afterwards! Having a bolstered allied force within this universe may prove useful in future campaigns.

I hope all is well back at base. Without my watchful eye overseeing her movements, I sincerely hope Varley didn’t blunder her mission to Viggo. Either way -MY- victory should more than make up for it. I will remain in the Junayd System and fortify our position here and will return to base. I have already met with the Junayd delegation, they employ other species such as other Humans, which makes being around them more tolerable.

Jason “Bloody” Barron
Captain of the Kubla Khan
Jarl of the Junayd Delegation

//ATTACHMENT// Azedi-Fleet-Movements.ext