TO: All DS13 Department Heads and Asisstants | SUBJ: Interdepartmental Training Courses

TO: All DS13 Department Heads and Assistant Department Heads
CC: FCAPT N. Perim; CMDR J. Helstone; DS13 Fleet Command
FROM: CMDR A. Freeman
SUBJ: Interdepartmental Training Courses


At the last staff meeting, a proposal I offered was approved by our Commanding Officer, and since many of your departments were not represented at the meeting, please allow me to lay out the proposal, and how I imagine it working.

We will begin to offer the officers and crewmen in all our respective departments a series of skills refresher courses on a wide range of specific topics. Each department will come up with a list of skills they would like to offer officers and crew of the other departments, and an expert in that skill will instruct and train those in attendance on how to carry out those skills. Many of these skills are likely things we all trained on at the Academy, but have not put into practice since then. These courses will be monthly, and each department will encourage it's personnel to attend if possible.

I would like a list of skill topics from you that you feel would be vital for our officers to learn so that they could be better prepared in an emergency situation. Once I have a list, we can coordinate on the order of the courses and a rotation schedule.

Looking forward to it,


Commander Andre Freeman
Chief of Operations, DS13
TO: CMDR A. Freeman
CC: FCAPT N. Perim; CMDR J. Helstone; DS13 Fleet Command
FROM: LTCR A. Mandra
SUBJ: RE: Interdepartmental Training Courses

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I am unavailable at this time for such efforts due to continued personal/professional issues (including now bereavement leave. The form requesting the offset from my originally planned leave time deduction has been sent into the Personnel department already).

That being said, for when I am back on station or able to remotely provide any work, my skills are available to this program.

My primary skills that can be offered are Computer Programming, Information Transfer Theory, Advanced Computer Interfacing, Digital Fault Isolation and Troubleshooting (note: not hardware or software system design issues, that requires Engineering collaboration), and Understanding and Working with Intelligent Synthetic Systems (read: Class 1 AIs, not to be confused with Class 2 Sentient systems, a description of the differences in classifications can be provided on request and/or be part of this skills program if needed).

I hope this is helpful, have a nice day.

<<dictated and signed>>

Lieutenant Commander Alina Mandra
Assistant Chief of Sciences, DS13
To: All Departmental Heads and Assistant Departmental Heads
From: Captain Jonathon Joseph Wolf
SUBJ: Interdepartmental Training Courses

Department Heads,

I've just read up on the communication sent about the respective training and would like to offer my services. My entire Starfleet career has centered on Martial Arts, Tactical Systems and combat, and Ground Combat Operations. The full list of my records can be viewed in my Starfleet Personnel File here.

I feel I can offer my extensive knowledge and for Tactical training exercises I feel my ship would be the perfect setup for training, and my crew has extensive combat experience. I look forward to hearing from you so we can discuss this farther.


Captain Jonathon Joseph Wolf
USS Caliburn
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Stardate 92714.3

TO DS13/ All Departments
CC -
FROM DS13/ Science
SUBJ Re: Interdepartmental Training Courses

Commander Freeman,

Apologies for the delay in reply. I agree wholeheartedly with your proposal, interdepartmental training will ensure that the highest number of officers and crew are capable in the widest variety of scenarios. I've spent the last few days with my project leaders going over the details regarding the Science Department's contribution.

The vast majority of our projects are very specific in nature, too specific for any in-depth cross training to be of use to most of the personnel that will be undergoing this training. What we've decided to do is create a rotating list of project leads to teach the course. A small emphasis will be placed on their specific field (i.e. physics, biology, chemistry, etc) while a larger emphasis will be placed on broader topics that we often use to tackle problems. Topics such as efficient uses of inductive and deductive reasoning, multi-vector problem solving, and efficient dissemination of pertinent facts.

We are not expecting any of these to be entirely new topics to anyone. Our goal is to expand the participants knowledge base. Attached is a roster of the project leads who will be teaching as well as their fields and any additional topics. If you need further clarification or would like to tweak the plan please don't hesitate to contact me.

Commander Reese Everhart
Chief Science Officer
Deep Space

TO CMDR Freeman
CC 38th\Command
SUBJ Re: Interdepartmental Training Courses

Was planning on writing holodeck training sims for new engineers; can generalize for broader participation. Non-comprehensive list attached.

Commander Sivath
Engineering Dept., Deep Space 13

//ATTACHMENT// eng_holo_courses.lst:

  • Fire suppression
  • Life support failure
  • Warp core breach
  • Computer virus infestation
  • EVA repairs
  • Plasma leak
  • Hull breach
  • Critical overheating