TO: AMB Perim, Re: Echomet Follow-up on Relocation Efforts

// Msg origin: Echomet Prime //

To: AMB Perim
From: <Echomet/Prime Minister’s Office>
Subj: Follow-up on Relocation Efforts


Well wishes to you. I am writing to inform you of the conclusion of the World Union’s deliberations regarding your proposals made upon your previous visitation.

We have elected to accept your offer to facilitate the relocation of selected and eligible Echomet citizens to a Federation or independent colony of your choosing.

Your petition for Professor Behal to act as spokesperson for relocation efforts has also been conditionally approved. These conditions include that she will not be permitted any live broadcasts, only recorded messages that must be sanctioned by the World Union first before delivery. Any potential clemency regarding Behal’s sentencing has also been postponed until further notice.

We await next steps.


Prime Minister Leukippos
Echomet World Union