TO: AMB Perim | SUBJ: Temporary transfer request

To: AMB N. Perim
CC: T’Vel
From: CAPT C. Dubois
Subj: Temporary transfer request


As per the issue we already managed to discuss previously, I’d like to ask you for the temporary transfer of one member of your staff, T’Vel, on board the USS Peacecraft, in attachment to the Starfleet diplomatic department on board my unit.
T’Vel joined the first explorative meeting for the formation of the Task Force I told you about, and I was pleasantly impressed by her judgements during the meeting. I’m sure she could be a valuable asset for the successful achievement of our targets.
I hope you will take my request into consideration,

CAPT C. Dubois
Commanding Officer,
USS Peacecraft


To: CAPT Dubois @Timoreev
CC: T’Vel @TVel
From: Ambassador Perim
Subj: RE: Temporary transfer request

Hello Captain,

I’m afraid I can’t grant this request. My consular staff is, unfortunately, not available for dedicated assignment to a particular ship or problem. Ms. T’Vel has a number of tasks on her plate and must remain available to tend to them and other unexpected issues as necessary.

Please rest assured, however, that the Azedi situation in general and coordination with your task force in particular are among the Diplomatic Corps’ top priorities. In short, you can certainly expect to see us around.

Neema Perim
Federation Ambassador