TO: Amy Samaras, SUBJ: Last minute aide.

To: CMDR Samaras, Amelia (@Sam )
From: CMDR Akaela, Tala
Subj: Last minute aide

Hello dear, I enjoyed our talk recently.

I’d hate to be businesslike but I recently had an opportunity to make last minute changes in my art bids in the auction. It’s almost over and I considered my options slim but if you were willing to donate to my resources, I might have a sliver of a chance to do more.

As always, it is not a requirement, and I hope we can enjoy more outings soon regardless. Thank you.

Tala -Katja- Akaela
Executive Officer,
RRW Vaurek, JSI Officer Exchange Program


To: CMDR Akaela, T
CC: ~~
From: CMDR Samaras, A
Subj: RE: Last minute aide

Ciao, Tala!

I was thinking of participating, but all the paintings have suddenly shot up in price! I’ll send you my EC; go win a painting for the XO Club!


Commander Amelia Samaras
Executive Officer, USS Endeavour
38th Fleet ‘Argo’