TO: Aries Squadron Command; SUBJ: Final inspection

TO: Aries Squadron Command
FROM: Captain Andrej A. Timoreev, Commanding Officer of the USS Ananke
SUBJECT: Final inspection of the USS Ananke
STARDATE: 92391.1

As requested, I am submitting the report about the final inspection of the USS Ananke.
All systems are operational under standard parameters. After careful analysis and tests carried out jointly by my crew and the Engineering Department of Deep Space Thirteen, all plasma conduits and other related energy distribution systems have been deemed to be completely operational and in perfect efficiency.
Our standard crew complement is complete, although I would personally ask to further increase the complement of my Science Department, as requested by my Chief Science Officer, particularly regarding the Anthropology and Xenoethnology Section. However, this is not a priority.
All weapons and defense system has been fully checked by the Tactical Department, jointly with Engineering, and the tests confirmed their efficiency and operativity under standard parameters.
Summarizing the results, the Ananke is fully operational and ready to go back to duty.
In case you would like to personally inspect the vessel, I already informed the crew that there would be such a possibility.


Captain Andrej Alexandrovich Timoreev
Commanding Officer
USS Ananke, Aries Squadron