TO: Aries Squadron Command ; SUBJ: Report of L-685 investigation

TO: Aries Squadron Command
FROM: Captain Andrej A. Timoreev, Commanding Officer of the USS Ananke
SUBJECT:: Report of L-685 investigation

Attachment: Sensors analysis - full report
Attachment: Engineering and scientific analysis of the drone - full report

In Stardate 92465.8, the U.S.S. Ananke entered the L-685 star system, under orders of performing a complete investigation about the detection of an unidentified energy signal coming from the asteroid belt at the edge of the system (see report Stardate 92432.6).
Immediately after entering the system, I ordered a first round of sensor analysis in order to locate the source of the signal. It was thus possible to locate it to one of the largest asteroids of the belt, although further investigation was hampered by interferences due to the geological composition of the asteroid itself. Once near the asteroid, the Ananke was able to perform another scan, revealing that the source of the signal was an artificial object closed in a sort of vault inside the asteroid, probably the result of a collapse due to unspecified causes.
After consultation with the senior officers, it has been decided to transport the object on board the ship for further analysis, through a modification of the transporter, which was carried out under the supervision of the Chief Engineering Officer with competency and efficiency.
Once transported on board, the object was revealed to be a drone (a mining drone, as further analysis found later), with a very sophisticated software, dating back to at least 3.000 years (see the scientific report for further details). The drone activated itself soon after its arrival on board, although without any harm or danger to the ship, until I took the decision (under advise by the Chief Science Officer) of bringing it back to DS13 for further study. Soon before engaging the warp drive, the drone activated a mining laser, breaking the hull and trying to escape from the system at sub-light speed.
It is supposed that the behavior of the drone was dictated by the presence of a second matrix, probably originating from an highly-advanced virus, which triggered a specific command.
Immediately, I ordered a pursuit, however unsuccessful, since the drone exploded soon after for overheating.
I thus ordered the immediate return of the Ananke to DS13.

Note: The Science Department, Astrometric Section, performed, under my order, an analysis of the path the drone was following during the escape. It has been possible to establish that, keeping the route, the drone would have reached an unspecified location at the edge of the Kelterre Sector.

Captain Andrej Alexandrovich Timoreev
Commanding Officer
USS Ananke, Aries Squadron