TO: Bishop | SUBJ: Wormhole Minefield Deployment Proposal

To: RADM Bishop, A.
From: CAPT Holmes, A.
Subj: Wormhole Minefield Deployment Proposal


I’ve completed my review of the Self-Replicating Minefield created by the crew of DS9, and short of contacting Professor O’Brien, the Grand Nagus or Captain Dax I believe these logs contained the requisite knowledge we’ll need to begin construction of enhanced prototypes.

Upgraded Mine Prototype

Deep Space Nine's original Self-replicating Mine, service configuration

Primarily the bulk of the original design was the necessary reliance on Cardassian replicator units of the 2360s, miniaturisation of Federation equivalents has progressed massively since this time, as has increases in efficiency. The reduction in necessary internal volume used for these systems, as well as newer and larger Federation 2M standardised cargo containers allows the inclusion of enhanced sensor and communication systems, allowing for a functioning IFF system. Any remaining space can be used to increase the raw materials included in the mines for the purposes of further mine replication.

One problem faced on the earlier designs was the supply of anti-matter, which could not be directly replicated or transported and were instead “pulled” from zero-point subspace energy domains, causing a delay in resupplied mines. It is in fact worth noting from General Worf’s notes, “A dissatisfactory number of mines fail to arm in time.”, were the full force of the Dominion not deterred by the mere presence of the minefield, I fear we would not currently be here to reconsider these downsides of the original design.

Thankfully, recent developments allow for a specialised anti-matter transporter compatible with subspace emission protocols used in the replicator field, assuming we have the supply of anti-matter necessary for the entire field. In terms of the minefield itself, given the size of the Yuhop wormhole, I’d estimate we’d need to produce an initial field of 125,000 mines. Certainly doable, but as I mentioned, we will run into logistical issues with our current supply line availability.

Bolstering our Supply Lines

While a solid supply line from DS13 is possible, even without the Yuhop wormhole, with our current task group commitments, and heavy traffic both civilian and hostile from towards Federation space, it would not be possible to adequately defend supply convoys while also protecting our current lines, certainly not those transporting hundreds of thousands of torpedoes.

Having reviewed our intelligence and history of the Yuhop wormhole I believe we have an opportunity opening soon to secure an additional bulk supply.

The Athrax system contains an anti-matter production facility which is likely to be highly automated and so far, unexploited by the Terran forces, it is also very close to one of the termination points of the Yuhop Wormhole. A window is expected to open in the next 24 hours where we can take the wormhole to the system and dig in. All being well, we can slip in and out without Terran detection, hopefully they’re still pooling reinforcements in the Tafor System from our earlier incursion.

Moving a transport force to Athax would potentially leave Yuhop vulnerable, but I believe we could move some forces from the Waydis and Tau Zeta to cover Yuhop during our mission. Regarding the transport force, I would request 3 vessels of Cruiser or greater weight to provide sufficient cargo platform for the requisite anti-matter supplies, and 4 vessels of either Escort or Science Vessel weight to provide support and cover of already committed forces. I recognise this is a lot to commit to a single system for three days, however I believe this will give us the greatest chance to secure the necessary foothold to secure these supplies.

Once the 72 hours period of the wormhole has passed, we should have a significant number of supplies available with which we can construct our minefield.

I am prepared to answer any additional questions you may have.

Alexandria Holmes
Commanding Officer,
USS Dallas


To: CAPT Holmes, A.
CC: ~~
From: RDML Bishop, S.
Subj: Wormhole Minefield Deployment Proposal

I like this proposal. Remove the self-replicating bit; we can’t have the mines here long term, just in case the Yuhop natives fire a rocket into it. I’m putting you in charge of the deployment, and monitoring the mines. When this war is over, you’ll need to make sure every single one is accounted for and dismantled.

In regards to your logistics, Captain Mirazuni secured the Athax system for us. Let’s get those supplies moving.


Rear Admiral (Lower Half) Samuel Bishop, PhD
Executive Officer, 38th Fleet ‘Argo’


To: RDML Bishop, S.
From: CAPT Holmes, A.
Subj: RE: Wormhole Minefield Deployment Proposal

Understood, Admiral, with the removal of self-replication features, and associated mass required from that, we should be able to produce a much larger amount in the same period of time, we’ll add a secure subroutine to the IFF protocols which will allow the Dallas to monitor the status of the mines and begin dismantling procedures when needed.

Once the Drydock facility is up and running, mining the wormhole will be a readily feasible objective, I would expect by Beta shift on Saturday.

Captain Alexandria Holmes
Commanding Officer,
USS Dallas