TO: Blake, K | SUBJ: Confession

To: LT CMDR Blake, K
CC: ~~
From: LT Loxton, N
Subj: Confession


I’m sure by now you have seen the footage from the Starway Brig. The events portrayed in it are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I did kill that Lissepian prisoner four years ago and covered it up to make it look like an accident. I shall confine myself to quarters until you send for me.

Also I must confess to the brutal murder of Ensign Crabtree. You will find his body in the storage room of Vanilla or Bust. Crabtree found out about me being a stone cold killer and I panicked and I killed him and had him transported to the Vanilla or Bust storage in an attempt to frame them. Not to say they are innocent. But their reckoning will come later.

But, Crabtree was far too smart for me. In fact, he was a genius. The moment I accessed the footage, a copy was sent to you and I didn’t realise until it was too late. A failing of being human is that we cannot see the bigger picture because we’re so small minded and weak.

It feels good to confess. I was never any good at being a security officer anyway. In fact, I was never any good at anything except murdering innocent people and now I’ve been caught I honestly hope Starfleet make an exception and execute me. It’s good that this happened as I’d have probably kept murdering everyone on the station until I was the only one left!

I await your orders, Chief

Lieutenant Loxton
Deep Space 13


To: LTJG Beles, E. (@Mudd)
From: LCDR Blake, K.
Subj: LT Loxton


I need you to secure Lieutenant Loxton and bring him to the security suite. Take a small team if you need to. I believe his life may be in danger, along with some members of the civilian populace and do not wish to draw undue attention.

Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Chief Security Officer,
Deep Space 13