TO: Blake, K | SUBJ: Did You Know About This?

To: LT CMDR Blake, Kara
CC: ~~
From: ENS Crabtree
Subj: Did You Know About This?

Footage of a brig on a Federation Starship. There’s a Lisseppian male behind the forcefield appears to be yelling something at the officer on duty, which the footage shows is Loxton.

At a minute into the footage, Loxton, who appeared calm beforehand, lets down the forcefield and the Lisseppian walks out of the holding cell looking confused. Loxton then slams the alarm and begins hitting the comm and appears to shout ‘More Security’. He is then shown taking a phaser and firing once at the Lisseppian, killing him.

Two seconds later, three security officers burst in and Loxton appears to tell them what happened before he turns and looks directly at the camera.

Footage Ends

Ensign Crabtree

//ATTACHMENT// BrigFootage.ext


To: DS13/Security-Forensics
From: LCDR Blake, K.
Subj: URGENT | FW: Did You Know About This?

While I do not believe for an instant this footage is legitimate, I would be remiss to not have this crosschecked and corroborated.

I apologise for the terseness of this message, but I must act fast on this matter.

Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Chief Security Officer
Deep Space 13