To: Capt Holmes | From: Cmdr Barron | Subj: Assistance

To: CAPT Holmes, Alexandria (@Moose)
CC: RDML Bishop, Sam (@Sam)
From: CMDR Barron, Jessica
Subj: Defense Assistance


What crew I have here at Talos Junction would very much like to do what we can to assist the war effort. I have already found assignments for some of our personnel in coordinating ground defenses. I know The Dallas and Atlantis are coordinating planetary defenses, and I would like to offer my assistance. Its not much, but we still have the two Yellowstone Runabouts that can be utilized how you see fit. If you need an extra hand up there and the Admiral Approves, I would not be opposed to coming aboard the Dallas temporarily assisting where ever you could use me. To be honest, anything is better than sitting here waiting. I know we need time to process, but sometimes keeping our hands and minds busy on work is the best medicine, and it’s not like we can really afford to waste the personnel this early on.

Commander Roptojmey looking to get with Lt. Barsua to set up an Emergency Medical Triage and Supply Depot, and Lt. Cmdr Vera has taken on a more engineering role in setting up and modifying shield generators around the outpost. I just…I cant keep sitting behind a desk, so please, anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Thank you,

Cmdr. Jessica Barron-Stern
Executive Officer
USS Sun Tzu [NCC 98725]

OOC Though she is not a registered player for the event, she can count as an additional person for any events you want to host if you want/need anything!