TO: CAPT Lazard | SUBJ: Classified secret mission

Stardate 93460.5

TO CAPT M. A. Lazard, USS Gainsborough
CC --
FROM CAPT S. A. Bishop, U.S.S. Endeavour

SUBJ Classified secret mission
:: Level 3: Restricted ::

Captain Lazard,

I am writing to inform you of a confidential, secret and high-risk mission I have instructed three of my officers on. The purpose of this message is to give you a heads up on the mission and for you to pass it on up the chain of command. I believe in the sanctity of the chain of command and do not want to undermine your authority by going directly higher. However, due to the nature of this information, I am only enclosing the bare minimum information and will wait for a member of higher authority to get in direct contact.

I will, however, recommend that I am able to keep you in the loop of this operation since your experience will be invaluable to a mission of this calibre.

I am including the security code below for you to override the restriction level for you to be able to pass it on.

I apologise for the secrecy and briefness of this message but I believe that in the interests of safety for my officers, the mission, and Starfleet, I hand out the details of the mission on a strict need-to-know basis.



Captain Samuel Alexander Bishop,
Commanding Officer - USS Endeavour,
38th Fleet, Libra Squadron

Security code to bypass restriction level: *************