To: CAPT Nimitz, A| Subject: Residency request aboard U.S.S Pegasus

To: CAPT Nimitz, A ( @Nimitz )
From: ENS Sovum, Veneela
Subj: Residency Request aboard The U.S.S Pegasus

Captain Nimitz,

I hope the communication finds you well. As you no doubt overheard at the Event Horizon, I am mere weeks from my third set of Finals. A momentous occasion, one that is not lost on me. However, the step after that is what is currently stressing me out.
As per Starfleet Regulation 56 subsection 4 Paragraph 2, I am unable to complete my evaluation by a licensed Chief Medical Officer within the confines of my current duty station. In this case, Deep Space 13. Because of this, I have to seek a Residency for a period of Six Months from outside means.

I had considered doing my residency entirely away from 38th Fleet but at the end of that debate, I determined my time would be best spent here, learning from the wealth of knowledge within this quadrant. It would also allow me to practice medicine in front of fellow officers I call friends. A chance to show them what all the nights of hardly sleeping have amounted to. A chance to be useful past just routine exams and in processing physicals.

My first choice was to join the crew of the U.S.S Endeavour, once again as you undoubtedly overheard at EH earlier. Speaking to Captain Mirazuni I also expressed interest in joining your crew. I did so somewhat timidly.

As you know I haven’t had much of a chance to interact with some of the ship’s crew or most of the ship’s crew since I joined the station nearly a year ago. I don’t know anybody aboard the Pegasus save for yourself, nor do I have any experience with your command style. I can only go by what was talked about at Starfleet Academy. For these reasons alone I am afraid that I may not be up to the task of keeping up with day-to-day life aboard the Pegasus. None of that is to say I am incapable of adapting, but if there is one thing I have learned in Starfleet is don’t go into something without knowing everything.

Just want to be open and honest with you as to where I stand. If you would accept this request I would be honored and fulfill my duties to the best of my abilities while learning a new way of life, among new faces, and new leaders.

I hope this makes a bit of sense to you. Thank you for this opportunity.
ENS Veneela Sovum
Medical Officer/Student
Deep Space 13

//ATTACHMENT// request.dox