TO: CAPT Quint, CAPT Thiessen | SUBJ: List of KIA from SAR Mission

Stardate 94845.2

TO CAPT E. Quint, USS Victory; CAPT T. Thiessen, DS13
CC CAPT B. Rosewood, USS Avalon; CMDR A. Nimitz, USS Akagi
FROM CAPT L. Omar, USS Lexington

SUBJ List of KIA from SAR Mission


Here is the list of identified KIA from the Search and Rescue on Stardate 94843.6. Unfortunately, the Lexington was unable to recover any survivors. En route from DS13 to K-7, our medical teams managed to ID a number of the bodies, but several still remain unknown due to the condition of the bodies. The list includes any details on the unidentified people that we have been able to obtain, in hopes of someone else being able to ID them. For the moment, I have diverted the Lexington's medical teams to the more pressing task of assisting with the wounded now that we have arrived at the regrouping point.

Lexington has also distributed what little medical supplies we were able to salvage from DS13. Hopefully, this will make a difference, however small. The Lexington stands by to provide further assistance to any vessels and personnel that may require it.

Captain Thiessen,

As most of the recovered KIA currently on board the Lexington were your personnel, I will defer to your judgement on how to proceed with them.

Captain Leila Omar
Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Lexington