TO: CAPT sh'Sonora | SUBJ: Terran prisoners

To: CAPT sh’Sonora, Mi’shune
From: BGEN Sadia Cynis
Subj: Terran prisoners

during the yesterday’s briefing regarding the activities against the Terran invasion, the question of the Terran prisoners that were captured in the aftermath of the battle at Itrin was brought up. Since no one else provided any feedback/interest regarding their interrogation, I am inquiring whether you would be interested in coordinating such activity. While there is a good chance most of the prisoners are low-ranked specialist, they could still prove some useful insight in the Terran activities.
If you are averse to such an action, I would inquire about the procedure of the transfer of these prisoners into my custody. I eagerly await Your response.

Strength and Honor,

Brigadier General Sadia Cynis
Commanding Officer,
Task Force Hurq Mevik