TO: CAPT Varley / SUBJ: Concern about Cooperative Borg?

To: CAPT Varley (( @Lauren ))
From: CMDR Sedai
Subj: Concern about Cooperative Borg?

Good evening, Captain.

I have just recently concluded an icebreakers event for new and old fleet personnel alike. While we do welcome visitors to attend as well, I and the other participants were very startled and momentarily alarmed when an individual who appeared fully attired in a similar fashion to that of an assimilated Borg unit, complete with functioning ocular implant, arrived on site and expected to participate.

Perhaps in an attempt to poke fun at my total astonishment and confusion which must have been apparent on my countenance, the individual proceeded to say the signature catchphrase of the Borg, even going so far as to emulate the electronic tone. This was not received entirely positively by the others present and, though it hurt to ignore the ‘joke’, I did my best to usher the proceedings along and treat the situation as normal.

I appreciate that as a Starfleet installation, we’re welcoming and tolerant of many cultures and species, but it would be remiss of me not to register concern in this particular case. The individual in question demonstrated a severe lack of awareness to the distress her presence could be causing to others and as a guest on station, I would expect that she be required to demonstrate at least a measure of respect for our sensitivities.

We’re a tolerant people, but I can’t bear to imagine the distress she might be causing officers and civilians alike whenever she walks into a new room.

CMDR Sedai, Katriel
DS13 Counseling