To Catch a Loxton

(Featuring Loxton with the express permission of the writer to do so)

“Sir, we’ve retraced the erm, blow by blow, if you’ll pardon the description from the beach where the struggle took place. Also the Endeavour also has a team here unofficially looking around and found this.”

The ensign holds up a small sealed jar containing either a bone fragment or chipped tooth. “Seems Ensign Sovum may have fought back.”

Nick inhales nervously and nods while taking the vial. “I’ll have the labs run it through for DNA to see if we can identify who may have done this.” he replies.

The Orion ensign nods as she points in the direction of the volcano. “The tracks lead further inland to the huts at the foot of the volcano, but from our survey, that’s nearly three human blocks of occupied space and without clearance from Risan police-”

“We can’t knock on every door and hope to find her,” Nick interjects knowingly “The Endeavour is in orbit, contact their team and ask to make use of their sensors to scan for her life signs. Surely there aren’t thousands of vulcanoids in that area.” he replies.

The Orion nods as Loxton dismisses them, strolling to that general area to look around himself…

“That’s the second patrol to go by in the last two hours Bana,” Eric says moving away from the window in the dimly lit hut.

Bana silently nods as he wipes the blood from the unconicous officer’s face. “I think I broke her nose.” Bana idly replies

“oh NOW you have morals? what would you rather have done? Break her nose or get beaten to a paste?” Eric replies exhaling. “We have twenty four hours maximum before they start scanning for her life signs, and the whole of Starfleet descends upon us.”

Bana injects Ven with the hypo which causes the Romulan to begin to wake up. “Sounds as if her knight in shiny armor may want to hurry,” he replies moving away from the bed after ensuring both of Ven’s wrists were secured to the bed frame.

Moving to the center island he moves a disruptor to the side to pour himself a glass of saurian brandy

“It’s shining armor, idiot,” Eric scoffs also adjusting his disruptor before staring out the window once more…