TO: CMDR Caspius; | SUBJ: Temporary Starbase Assignment

Security Level 1 - Open

TO CMDR Caspius
CC --
FROM LT CMDR S. IT. al Firawn

SUBJ Temporary Starbase Assignment


Since I have arrived, you have seemed to be the only person who does stuff properly in this place so I would like to come to you to ask for a temporary reassignment on the starbase. As I mentioned when I arrived, the USS al-Haytham is not due to arrive at DS13 until 2417 at least and I cannot see myself sitting here twiddling my thumbs for the remainder of the year.

I have been browsing the roster and I see that the Assistant Chief Medical Officer position is available and I would like to put myself forward to take on that role for the remainder of the year. Although I have no formal qualifications, I have had extensive medical training and have been a battlefield doctor throughout the Iconian War. I believe these experiences are enough to warrant me the position.

If you disagree with the above proposal (and I don't see why you should), I would be content working in the science department. I think my record speaks for itself.

Lastly, I have been appalled by the amount of energy that is wasted on board the Starbase and so I have taken it upon myself to design a new system that will ensure that the minimal amount of energy is wasted in areas such as life support, lighting, and the PA system. I will not require any thanking.



Lieutenant Commander Sulayman Ibn Tariq al Firawn
First Officer, USS al-Haytham

Stardate 93796.5
Security Level 1
TO LCDR al Firawn
CC CAPT Thiessen, CMDR Drei, CMDR Sivath, LCDR Hanson
SUBJ. Temporary Starbase Assignment

Lieutenant Commander al Firawn,

I know of no impediment to your request for a transfer from your current post to Deep Space 13. However, such a request must be formally approved by the station commander. Accordingly, I have included him in this communique.

Deep Space 13 is indeed in want of an Assistant Chief Medical Officer, but assistant department head postings are selected by the relevant department head, and are then only approved by myself or Captain Thiessen. The Command staff does not generally assign assistant postings (exceptional cases notwithstanding), as we believe that our department heads are best placed to know their staff capabilities and consequently to select the best officer to serve as their assistant.

With that said, Commander Drei is aware that we are looking for Assistant Chief Medical Officer candidates, and she is continuing to review the selections presented to her. I have therefore sent to her your service record as an interested candidate.

Finally, with regard to the efficiency program you have provided, such a matter falls within the remit of our Operations and Engineering departments. I have therefore included the relevant department heads in this communique so that they may review your suggestions and take whatever action, if any, that they deem appropriate to the good order of the station.

Commander Caspius
Executive Officer, Deep Space 13
Stardate 93796.4

TO CMDR Caspius; LCDR al Firawn, Sulayman
SUBJ Re: Temporary Starbase Assignment

Reviewed efficiency proposal. Found no merit therein. Life support changes would cause discomfort or death to 137 currently supported species. Lighting is calibrated per Starfleet guidelines and represents 0.002194% of total power station power draw; proposed optimizations to this system would result in reduced visibility for 24 species and a 2% energy efficiency gain. Similarly, PA system accounts for just 0.000016% total draw.

Lt. Cmdr. al Firawn's enthusiasm is commendable. Recommend applying it to areas where candidate has some accumulated some expertise in brief time as Starfleet officer.

Commander Sivath
Engineering Dept., Deep Space 13

Security Level 1
TO LCDR al Firawn
CC CMDR Everhart
FROM CAP Thiessen
SUBJ. Re: Temporary Starbase Assignment

Lieutenant Commander,

Unfortunately, after a firm review I'm not seeing any immediate way that we can have you assigned to Starbase Medical as the Acting ACMO. While I appreciate the enthusiasm, battlefield medical experience isn't really the sort of experience we have been of in our medical facilities aboard station. A greater medical library is required.

Still I'm forwarding this on to Commander Everhart, Chief of our Sciences division. I believe you may be much more at home assisting in our sciences department, given your experience.

Thank you very much, and have a good day.

Captain Tau Thiessen
Commanding Officer, Deep Space Thirteen