To: CMDR Dantes | Subj: Delivery

Security Level 1 - Open

TO CMDR Dantes, Liam
CC --
FROM CAPT Ailes, Beylara
SUBJ Delivery

Commander Dantes,

This may seem an unusual request, coming from the Captain of the ship, but as I am on medical leave at the moment, I am forced into unusual situations. I have a particular route I need to travel to take care of something, and it would be very useful if the U.S.S. William Ockham could take a few moments out of its research and upcoming patrols to assist me with this.

I'm still awaiting all the pieces of this task to fall into place, so it'll be at least a week or two before I'm ready to go, so you have time to think about it.

Many thanks for your time.

Captain Beylara Ailes
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