TO: CMDR Jarnefelt, LCDR H'ajah / SUBJ: Research Request

To: Commander Jarnefelt (@Eunha )
CC: Lieutenant Commander H’ajah (@Sophist)
From: Ensign Gha’Kahrr
Subj: Research Request

Good Day Ma’am,

As I have stated in the past that I am currently conducting a study biological response to food based on species and food type to determine the best combination to promote natural healing.

I have made significant strides in this area and learned that foods can also promote healing of the mind as well, reducing stress, anxiety, and such. Many illnesses or other physical injuries do come from excess mental strain.

I respectfully request to conduct a controlled test with your supervision and input.

The test is this:
Assigning the fleet senior staff a food plan. My goals are to determine which foods would be most beneficial and observe their responses, also to determine if a food plan is a good approach for future preventative care. I have determined the senior staff are the best candidates because statistically they have the most stressful of jobs and more likely to adapt to a change of diet.

If you feel this research is not suitable, I understand and will re-think my approach, as is the scientific process.

I have CCed Lieutenant Commander H’ajah as I still fall under the Academy Annex as a medical student and any projects I do are documented as school research projects.

Ensign Gha’Kahrr
Starfleet Medical Academy


To: ENS Gha’Kharr
CC: LTCDR H’ajah
From: CMDR Jarnefelt
Subj: RE: Research request


Thank you your message and I apologise for the delay in my reply. I have been taking time to review your material and go over your request.

Your research is an interesting topics. I am not a nutritionist nor an expert in this area of study but I am aware already of some benefits of certain food groups that have many benefits to peoples immune systems, mental health etc depending on the vitamins they provide and other nutrient’s. I am intrigued to see what further findings you have with your study.

Your request is approved however you will need to source your own voluntary group of senior officers. As you mentioned Senior officers have a lot of stress already in my view they may not be willing to take part in a study that affects their food plan as it can mess with their routines and also their own comfort - On this topic is this something you have taken into account in your study, is your food plan sustainable for people’s routines as everyone can be different, there may well be benefits to peoples health but can they actually adapt to this new plan etc. I hope that helps your study.

If you require any assistance or have any questions please do reach out again.

Commander Charlotte Jarnefelt
Chief Medical Officer


To: CMDR Jarnefelt
CC: LCDR H’ajah
From: ENS Gha’Kahrr
Subj: RE: Research request

Good Day Ma’am,

I plan to post a general volunteer request open to all senior officers. If I do not obtain a workable diverse group, roughly five to ten, I will expand my request to any in a position of responsibility.

I have taken into account sustainability of various routines on a theory level, food plans will maintain the necessary nutritional balance based on species, age, and any additional physical attributes that may affect nutrition.

The first part, after I have my volunteers, is to tailor the food plan to each individual as to ensure they are not adversely affected. Of course they each have the option to opt out at anytime.

I will be sending you periodic updates.

Ensign Gha’Kahrr
Starfleet Medical Academy