To: Cmdr K M'Rella. From: The office of High Priestess. Subj: T'ilka

To: Clan Priestess Commander K'Meiuu M'Rella
From: The office of High Priestess T'Ilka M'Rella
Subj: T'Ilka
((This message is in Caitian))

It is with regret that I must inform you that T'Ilka, my mother, and the High Priestess of Clan M'rella, has taken ill. She was giving the reports on Clan M'Rella's efforts to assist our allies when she began complaining of chest pains and collapsed shortly afterwards. I fear that the stress, at her age, has gotten to her. The wonderful Starfleet have stabilised her for now - but she is very weak, and I do not think she will be able to attend the Council for several weeks, if at all.

Myself and the rest of her sisters have taken the role of Acting High Priestess, but I fear our opponents will use this as an opportunity to leverage the idea of capitulating to the Iconians. This worries me considerably... a galaxy dominated by any single power worries me. The position of High Priestess might be hereditary, but the ruling Council - the true government of Cait, as we all know - wields the majority of the power, and the older High Priestesses act as the counterweight of tradition. Without strong High Priestesses to inspire the people, I fear for what may become of Cait - Mother is are our link to fiercer times, when Caitians and Ferasans were kin.
High Priestess TIlka MRella wrote:
Be strong, K'Meiuu. I have lived through many wars, and I damn well intend to live through this one. I will refuse to die while Starfleet is at war! I will take my rest when my people do not need me. But I need help. I need all the poking and prodding from these infernal Starfleet doctors and their noisy machines... and I also I need you, I need all of my daughters, grand-daughters and great-grand-daughters to be strong, and through your strength I will find the strength to endure these dark times.

The fire still burns strong in her, as you can see. But I fear if the war continues as it has been, it will be too much for her. Fire and bloody-mindedness can only keep one alive for so long... and I fear for her. I've seen how tired she is after every day in the Council, arguing against Clan N'Xon... it is as if the Iconians have already domesticated them like Terran house-cats, as she put it.

I am sorry to bring this bad news upon you, and I am sorry if my tone is clinical or cold at times, but... this is so much to take in. I hope that you are in good health, and that your crew are strong.

K’Mika M’Rella
1st Clan Priestess
Clan M’Rella