TO: CMDR Mandra; SUBJ: Jam Session

To: CMDR Mandra, A. (@Master_Dex)
From: LT Loxton, N.
Subj: Jam Session


Lieutenant Valore tells me you play violin. I’d love to get together some time and run through a few pieces ahead of the music event that you’re planning. I’ll bring my Mataline II Piano I’ve had for years. This event you’re planning sounds like it’s going to be a wonderful morale boost!

Just let me know when you have a spare couple of hours.

Lieutenant Loxton


To: LT Loxton, Nicholas (@Loxton)
From: CMDR Mandra, Alina
Subj: Re: Jam Session

I admit I didn’t expect anyone asking for an individual play session. Is this in part too shake off any rust? I can appreciate that a bit. I’m curious what you like the play though. I’ve been known to be a bit unconventional.

I’m not against it though, might include others if that is alright (though not enough that it becomes it’s own public event).

Alina Mandra
Chief of the Science Department,
Deep Space Thirteen


To: CMDR Mandra, Alina (@Master_Dex)
From: LT Loxton, Nicholas
Subj: RE: Jam Session

Unconventional? I like the sound of that. I am mainly rooted in Earth classical, but I have branched out into some popular music of the 20th century too. Billy Joel is particular favourite, as is Mick Talbot. Who do you like? This is indeed in part, to shake off any rust and not make mistakes on the night, as it were.

I am up for more people. It’s been a while since I was in a band setting!

Nick Loxton
Security Officer
Deep Space Thirteen

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