TO: Commodore Randall Ashworth. FROM: RADL Llywarch Rhys S. SUBJECT: Suggested Award and Recognition

TO: Commodore Randall Ashworth.
CC Lieutenant Jal'Shan
FROM: RADL Llywarch Rhys S.
SUBJECT: Suggested Award and Recognition


It is not my place to suggest Awards and Recognition for Officers of and and attached to Argo Station. However due to the actions of your Captain Areyis Fulagsu I have no choice but to highly suggest something for his actions in aiding the 26th fleet. Last night the 26th fleet suffered a major blow to our plans when a Defiant Class Starship bringing a majority of the Command staff of Avalon and Praetorian. The crash took a majority of our supplies and critically wounded a dozen or so of our finest officers. Once the distress signal went out Captain Fulagsu was one of the first to arrive, in the time since the Captain's arrival til his departure many hours later the Officer went above and beyond the call of duty. He shared supplies we needed, he helped aide our wounded, He was to me the very essence of what a Starfleet Officer should be. Even after I told him we have stabilized the Captain continued to work to our benefit and not his own. As I said in the beginning of this message Commodore. It is not my place to tell you how to award your lads, but with your officer living the highest ideals and Traditions of Starfleet I feel it in poor taste not to suggest the Officer receiving Federation Citation of honour. The Officer i feel deserves such an esteemed away but I leave it to your choice. I just ask if you do agree you allow me to pin the man myself.

RADL Llywarch, Rhys S.
26th Fleet Commanding Officer
USS Hartford NX-93336