To: Counselling department Subject: Ensign Phan.

TO: Counseling Department Chief/Staff
CC: FCPT. Perim, CPT. Altais
FROM: CMDR. R. Brot'la
SUBJECT:Ensign Phan.


As of today I would like to put forward one of my officers to a series of counseling session with one of your department. While doing my weekly rounds in the laboratories, I came across numerous empty canisters of cheesy spray. An artificial flavoring for certain kinds of foods. Upon entering the Lab of Ensign Phan, I had noticed an odd smell. Further inspection showed that the Ensign had covered herself in the spray as she was trying to attract a certain rat like robotic creature that she had build with slight virtual intelligence. Now, this was one of her own spare time projects, yet it seems clear to me that the Ensign is deeply disturbed. I have added her key information in the attachment.

She has been reprimanded to her quarters and is under tight guard of one of my own until we can be sure she is fit to duty once more.

With regards,

Commander R. Brot'la
Chief Engineer DS13
Starfleet Advanced Technologies
Deep Space 13 - 38th Fleet 'Argo'


Name: Ensign T. Phan
Age: 26
Species: Human
Place of Birth: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Sol IV
Date of Birth: 2388, May, 22nd.
Posting: Ensign, Starbase RnD.
Hair color: Black
Eye Color: Artificially altered to Blue
TO: CMDR. R. Brot'la
CC: FCPT Perim, CAPT Altais
SUBJ: Re: Ensign Phan

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption ::

Good day, Chief.

Of course counseling would be willing to investigate this particular case for you, however I feel it's necessary to remind you of the appropriate procedure regarding these matters. In the Ensign's case, as she seems to be exhibiting deeply irregular behavior, she must be referred to Medical first and foremost to ensure there is nothing amiss with her expected physical biometrics. This is especially the case if the irregular behavior was sudden or unexpected; officers who share shifts or are friends of the Ensign should be consulted immediately about this.

I have forwarded this missive to DS13 Medical and expect to be kept in the loop regarding this case. Counseling will certainly want to provide a witness for the medical examination.

Sedai, Katriel
DS13 Counseling


TO: LT Loreih, LT Zaldo
SUBJ: Fwd: Re: Ensign Phan

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption ::

Do either or both of you have the bandwidth/interest to follow up on this?

Sedai, Katriel
TO: LCDR Sedai
CC: LT Loreih
FROM: LT Zaldo
SUBJ: Re: Ensign Phan

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption ::


I'd be willing to see to this issue, and I could witness the medical exam. Should it be determined that the ensign would benefit more from psychotherapy, than medical treatment, I can also make myself available for that as well.


Tilly Zaldo, Lieutenant
TO: CMDR. R. Brot'la, LCDR Sedai
FROM: LT Zaldo
SUBJ: Re: Ensign Phan

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption ::


After my initial consultation with the medical staff in charge of examining Ensign Phan, it was determined that she had suffered a concussion, but that the injury had nothing to do directly with her behavior.

I spent some time talking with the ensign about the events that led up to the incident, and have determined that the likely cause was self-imposed family related stress, coupled with a lack of sleep and a lack or interaction with her normal support systems (friends, colleagues). In my opinion this was an acute panic attack, and not the result of a larger psychiatric disorder or biochemical imbalance.

I suggest she be allowed two weeks personal time, to spend with her family, friends and colleagues in a non-duty setting to allow her to collect herself, recover from the concussion and rest. She seems to be fearful that others will judge her harshly for this event, I think the time will allow her to realize she can overcome this. At the end of this leave-time, I will see her again, and appraise her condition again, and her readiness for duty.


Tilly Zaldo, Lieutenant.