To Crown Prince Sovak'dru'Meladrin. Subject : Dinner

Security Level 1 - Open

TO Crown Prince Sovok'dru'Meladrin
FROM Kalris
SUBJ dinner
Dear, Crown Prince Sovok'dru'Meladrin

It's been a while since we've spoken. and so much was left unsaid at that dinner party. With that in mind I'd very much like to invite you to Dinner. I will host you as a guest of honor aboard my battleship. We can discuss the many issues that we didn't have time to discuss back then. Issues of state and of economic importance.

I look forward to hearing from you, so that we can futher the goals of both of our people


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TO Kalris
CC --
FROM Vice Captain Kri'dru'Thrun
SUBJ RE: Dinner

To the Dominion Envoy Kalris,

His Majesty regrets to inform you that the location of his personage has changed. Rather than wasting money on parties and other frivolities aboard the Federation station, His Majesty has chosen to instead change the venue for even more parties and other frivolities. As such, we have temporarily relocated to the resort world of Risa littered with tourists convinced of their own self-importance and natives who cannot keep their amorous tendencies to themselves.

Should you find yourself in the area, His Majesty would be more than happy to receive you in his penthouse at the Royale Casino and Resort. If the purposes of your visit are attempted assassination, I ask that you please make a reservation in the booklet.

Vice Captain Kri'dru'Thrun
Parin Royal Guard
Kingdom of Parin