TO: Director Hartwell, SUBJ: Discovery of a quantum fissure aboard DS13.

Stardate 92908.9

TO Director Hartwell
CC ---
FROM Agent Lodan

SUBJ Discovery of a quantum fissure aboard DS13


I wish to report to you a quantum fissure aboard my current posting. I've yet to report my findings to the starbase commander since I haven't found a solution yet to fix the small hole which I suspect is a fissure across the space-time continuum. The issue is located in shuttle bay two and I've have observed over the past few days that a rodent apparently uses this hole to travel into and out of our time line. Since this hole is small enough for a rodent to fit in, I have been unable to probe it further, based on my scans, it's quite literally as if it was made by the rodent itself as the hole does not appear to be getting any larger. I've recruited an Exocomp to assist me in my investigation and to develop some tools, small enough to fit into the tear to determine the point of origin.

As soon as I have collected all my findings and worked out a solution to the problem, I shall report it to the starbase commander.

Agent Lodan
DTI Agent/DS13

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