TO: DR Bishop; | SUBJ: Suspension


TO DR S.A. Bishop
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SUBJ Suspension

Dr Bishop,

You are, quite frankly, a disgrace to the family.

The recent incident at DS 13, which has resulted in your suspension, has not only affected you but has affected the entire Bishop name. Never, in living memory, has a Bishop received a reprimand. The Bishop name carries with it a legacy of dedication, honour and duty. As a Bishop and a Starfleet officer, you are expected to uphold these traditions. With your actions, centuries of hard work and struggle has been shattered. This is a blight on the family name.

You risked everything on what? Saving the career of a Romulan? Does this family mean nothing to you, that you would shame us for a Vulcan first and now a Romulan?

I want to let you know that I had petitioned for a harsher punishment and that the Endeavour be taken away from your command, but it seems like you are a valuable asset to the 38th Fleet and the command there have stood as your advocates. Thus, as I am no doubt you are aware, you are to be suspended for two months.

This is the last straw. One more incident and I will have no choice but to cut you out of the family. This is not a decision I take lightly, but one that I must do, for the sake of the Bishop name. I pray that you come to your senses and that I do not have to make that decision.

Tread carefully, Samuel.

Admiral Sebastian Alexander Bishop
Head Office, Earth