TO: DS-13 Operational Command FROM: CDRE J. Romar

TO: Deep Space 13 Operational Command - c/o Captain Perim
FROM: Commodore J. Romar
CC: Captain A. Cayen, Captain L. Gould, Commander S. Desimone
SUBJ: Status Update - Trade Lane Request

Captain Perim,

36 hours ago, Deep Space 515 suddenly became home to 75,000 (Seventy-Five with three zeros) Lekaari Raider Clansmen as a direct result of an incursion by a Breen fractal group (to our best intelligence). While we're working wholeheartedly on a means to provide for the nourishment, shelter, and medical needs of these refugees, the Starbase itself is going to soon be taxed - in addition to the cruisers I have available at my direct command.

I respectfully ask for a relief convoy bringing the following materiel at your earliest possible convenience:

- Replicators and appropriate food sequencers.
- Shelters
- Sanitation Systems
- Basic Medical Supplies
- Auxiliary Power Units (APU's)

While I understand entirely that such a request may take time and effort to meet completely, anything you are able to provide will be of greatest assistance. Thank you for your time, Captain, and I look forward to a response via subspace message.


Commodore Joran X. Romar
Commanding Officer, Mobile Operations
11th Fleet, Zenas Expeditionary Force
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Stardate 91337.2

TO: Commodore Romar, 11th Fleet, ZEF
CC: Vice Admiral Rilem; Captain Welhuph;

RE: Trade Lane Request

Commodore Romar,

I certainly understand the need for additional supplies in such a demanding situation. I've allocated as much as we can spare from our reserves on short notice, and loading to cargo vessels will begin first thing tomorrow. Two freighters have been reassigned from other duties to join the normal convoy, in order to accommodate for the extra load. The USS Atlas may be available to depart, leading the convoy along TR-528, as early as tomorrow evening.

  • Four (4) Industrial Replicators
  • Twenty-six (26) Standard Food Replicators
  • One Hundred Sixty-Three (163) Cases, Field Ration Packs
  • Twenty-Five (25) Advanced Emergency Medical Kits
  • Seventy-Four (74) Basic Emergency Medical Kits
  • Seven (7) Starship-Grade Sickbay Resupply Containers
  • Nineteen (19) Auxiliary Power Units

It is my hope that these supplies find you promptly and in good condition, and are sufficient to help alleviate your situation in the short term. We may be able to reallocate additional supplies by early next week, if there is a continued need. Should a more permanent solution be required, authorization obtained from Starfleet Operational Command would allow additional relief supplies to be allocated from other nearby sectors.

Please don't hesitate to contact me again if we can be of any further assistance.

Captain Neema Perim
Commanding Officer
Deep Space Thirteen

TO: Captain N. Perim
FROM: Commodore J. Romar
CC: Original Message Recipients
SUBJ: RE: RE: Trade Lane Request


Your rapid response to this is a Godsend. I look forward to seeing the convoy when it arrives.

Thank you doesn't quite sum it up... but... thank you.


Commodore Joran X. Romar
Commanding Officer, Mobile Operations
11th Fleet, Zenas Expeditionary Force
TO: Captain N. Perim;
FROM: Capt Welhuph
CC: Commodore J. Romar; 38th Fleet Argo Ops
SUBJ: RE: RE: RE: Trade Lane Request

Fleet Captain Perim,

The USS Atlas will be departing Deep Space 13 tonight. We will be traveling along trade route 528. However, without the civilian freighters to escort our speed will be greatly increased. We expect arrival at Deep Space 515 on this Thursday evening, stardate 91347.7.

Daemedus Welhuph
Captain, Starfleet
Captain, USS Atlas
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