To: DS13/Engineering

To: DS13/Engineering (@DS13.Engineering)
CC: DS13/Command (@DS13.Command)
From: LCDR Carter, T’Pemi
Subj: Power Loss Investigation and Department Update

Hello all,
Just thought I’d reach out and let you know that until Commander H’ajah returns from her leave Captain Varley has named me acting starbase chief engineer, effective immediately.

Now as I’m sure you’ve all heard by now, the recent art auction didn’t go so well and we’ve been ordered to investigate the power outage that affected the systems relating to where the art was kept the night of the gala. The initial maintenance report is available in the system but there may be more to it so I want an EPS Maintenance team to run a full diagnostic of the system in that section and see what we find. Let’s get to work, people!

Lieutenant Commander T’Pemi Carter
Acting Chief Engineer
Deep Space Thirteen

//ATTACHMENT// (Likely) Theft of Art Auction