TO: DS13 Medical | Ship Medical Incident Report

To: DS13 Medical Administration
CC: CMDR Barron, Maikull
(USS Sun-Tzu C.O.)
From: CMDR Roptojmey
(USS Sun-Tzu CMO)
Subj: Medical Incident / Follow-Up Investigation

To whom it may concern.

I apologize if this is not ‘standard’ practice, but on my previous postings, any major or relevant Medical Incidents were reported to fleet command.

On Stardate 97718.3, Medical Department was informed of two Senior Officers who were found unresponsive in the Crew Quarters.

Patient 1: Lieutenant-Commander V’era
Race: Half Romulan, Half Vulcan
Gender: Female
Blood-Type: T+

Patient 2: Commander Jessica Stern
Race: Full Betazoid
Gender: Female
Blood-Type: O-

Initial Scans showed both patients to be undergoing a neurochemical imbalance, with Patient 1 being further along than Patient 2. At first, I could find no identifying symptoms, and Pon-Farr was initially ruled out, as Patient 1’s Medical History did not show signs of it. However, after doing some digging, I found that 7 years Prior, Patient 1 was a Senior in Starfleet Academy. Due to the general -stigma- of the condition among Vulcans, and the Patients general Romulan up brining, it was ruled a possibility that Patient 1 may have undergone the condition in her time in the academy and was unaware due to a more…liberal lifestyle.

The question was then posed how Patient 2 was undergoing the same symptoms. However, being a Betazoid and natural telepath, and the close connection between the two when they were discovered, it was presumed that some sort of telepathic link was made between the two which caused the telepathic transference of Pon-Farr from Patient 1 to Patient 2.

Patient 1 did not have a current ‘relationship’ onboard the ship, and had shown no signs of interest in anyone, even at the height of her condition. Security Records revealed that she did attempt to use a self-designed erotic Holographic program using the records of a former Academy Classmate (Presumably a former relationship, or the person she was in a relationship the last time she underwent this condition) but that did not resolve anything.

It is my understanding that Vulcans who undergo Pon-Farr generally resolve the condition through varying means, such as Deep Meditation (To which Patient 1 was not culturally trained in), Ritualistic Combat (Which explains the officers increased aggression with crewmates), or Conception with a Chosen mate. As her attempts at ‘conception’ with the holographic program did not work, this lead me to believe that Pon-Farr is not just a simple physical compulsion, but also has a spiritual or emotional connection. Records show that Vulcans in Deep Space Missions were able to incur Pon-Farr by utilizing Holographic programs emulating their chosen ‘mates’. And Records also show that Vulcans who do not have a mate during this time, tend to choose and fixate on a specific mate (Going so far as to fight to the death if needbe, even with their chosen mate). Patient 1 not having a mate, or even a chosen interest proved to be a problem in curing her symptoms.

Fortunately, Patient 2 DID have a chosen mate, in the form of an ‘Imzadi’ (term of endearment used by Betazed’s for someone they feel a deep personal connection to, or a betrothed). However, records indicated that her relationship was with the Ships Commanding Officer, which was placed on hold upon their commission, as to not jeopardize their careers (Or risk be separated again). Worse off, the Commanding Officer was on an away mission at the time, and was unable to be recalled.

Now, Patient 1’s condition was severe, but we were able to keep her stable. Patient 2’s condition was mild, however due to her natural telepathic abilities, I chose to keep her sedated, and used a Psilosynine inhibitor to suppress any latent psionic abilities. My concern was with the Telepathic Transmission of the condition. As where Vulcans are Tactile Telepaths, Betazoids hold far superior telepathic abilities, and I did not want to risk a ship-wide outbreak. (However intriguing it would have been to test the hypothesis).

The other problem we encountered was that both Patient 2 AND Patient 1 were muttering for their ‘Imzadi’ in their inactive state. It was theroyized that when Patient 1 transferred her condition to Patient 2, Patient 2 also transferred her innate feelings for her chosen mate to Patient 1, giving her the final piece of her conditional puzzle.

Following the inexplicable return of the Commanding Officer to the ship from his Away Mission, he was apprised of the situation. I informed him that the best ‘course of action’ I could recommend, would be for him to…no longer withhold his feelings for Patient 2. In doing so, Patient 2’s condition dissipated rapidly. With her permission, Patient 2 performed a Vulcan Mind Meld, and transferred her ‘thoughts and memories’ of the act to Patient 1, whom I injected with a protein marker to induce the chemical reaction generally associated with conception. (Fulfilling the mental and physical conditions of Pon-Farr).

This experimental process did appear to work, and Patient 1’s neurochemical levels fell back into acceptable levels. I submit this treatment for further review by the Fleet Medical Council, and pose the possibility of testing the effects of Pon-Farr on other, more advanced Telepathic Races for both Academic research as well as possible ‘treatment’ methods.

Thank you,
Doctor Roptojmey [Cmdr]
Chief Medical Officer
U.S.S. Sun-Tzu

//ATTACHMENT// Medical File - Vera.ext
//ATTACHMENT// Medical File – Stern, Jessica.ext
//ATTACHMENT// Medical Report – Incident 97718.ext


To: RAMD Bishop, @Sam
From: CMDR Barron, Maikull
Subj: Medical Incident / Follow-Up Investigation


I am forwarding this report to you for your review, in spirit of transparency to keep your office aware. In response to this -incident- Commander Stern and I have spoken in regards to, continuing our previous relationship that we have been withholding for two years now.

I assure you, this will not interfere with our duties to the fleet or to our ship, however if Fleet Command does not feel a Ships C.O. and X.O. can be in a relationship together, while serving together, Commander Stern had offered to resign as Ship’s X.O. and take position a Ships Chief intelligence officer.

However, personally, I hope it does not come to that, as she has proven to be an excellent commanding officer in these past few years, and I would hate that our unavoidable affiliation with one another would rob her of a well deserved career advancement.

Thank you,
CMDR Mai’kull Barron
USS Sun-Tzu (NCC 98725)

To: CMDR Jarnefelt @Eunha
From: LT S’Slaask
Subj: FWD: Medical Incident / Follow-Up Investigation



I did not require this information.
I regret using the administrative workstation.
Please return promptly.

Lieutenant S’Slaask
Physician, Deep Space 13