To: DS13 Medical | Tanzian Flu Outbreak

To: DS13 Medical
CC: CAPT Varley, L
From: CMDR Jarnefelt, C
Subj: Tanzian Flu Outbreak


It’s been sometime since i’ve addressed you. But as per new orders one of our objectives is to assist with the Tanzian Flu outbreak.

I would like some volunteers to join me on away team to Drozana station to ensure all quaratine procedures have been effectively put into place, and assist as and where we can.

Please brush up on your quarentine procedures, and make all necessary preparations and respond to this Communication if you would like to voulunteer and I will be in contact with the relevant information.

Commander Charlotte Jarnefelt
Chief Medical Officer, DS13

//ATTACHMENT// FederationQuarentineProcedures.txt