TO: <DS13\\Security> | FROM: CAPT Sel, Z | SUB: Urgent Security Matter

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO <DS13\Security>
TO CAPT Beylara, A.; CMD sh'Zarath, T.; LT Castillo, V.
SUBJ Urgent Security Matter

Good Afternoon DS13 Security,
This letter is to alert DS13 Security that a former Brahe Officer, Lt. T'Vir of Vulcan, may be unlawfully in possession of Biomimetic Gel. Please find Brahe Security Officer Horace Jefferson's report below.

It is our belief that Lt. T'Vir may have intercepted 50 milliliters of gel from a recent delivery in addition to removing 10 milliliters from a secured storage locker aboard the Brahe itself. Urgent action is required to locate and detain the Lieutenant for questioning before she leaves the station.

//SECURITY NARRATIVE// as Reported by Ensign Horace Jefferson
While conducting a routine patrol of the Brahe, Doctor Castillo (LT-MED/CMO, USS Brahe), requested via internal communications at approximately Stardate 96146.2. As the on-call patrol officer for the shift, I responded promptly to the Doctor's request for assistance. Upon arriving, I found Doctor Castillo, Nurse Michael Kellye (ENS-MED, USS Brahe), and Crewman Lauren Lauren (CRW-ENG, USS Brahe) gathered near or around a grav-sled which held several crates.

At this time, Doctor Castillo stated that the contents of one of the crates, a vial containing 50 milliliters of blue substance was not the Biomimetic Gel expected on the manifest. I then approached Crewman Lauren, who had delivered the crates. It should be noted at this time that Crewman Lauren has a rather long history of petty theft convictions. I invited the Crewman to empty her pockets and she agreed by placing the contents on the biobed. I then requested that Doctor Castillo make a visual inspection of the items. Doctor Castillo stated that none of the various items in Crewman Lauren's possession where the Biomimetic Gel (BMG). Regardless, acting under the reasonable suspicion Crewman Lauren may have switched the BMG prior to entering the sickbay, and given the severity of the substance in question, I then instructed Crewman Lauren to accompany me to the Security Office with the original crate and fake vial in possession.

The crate and vial of fake gel were logged into evidence as 97235-174-001 and 97235-174-002 respectively.

With Crewman Lauren present, we used internal sensor logs and video feeds to follow the course of her activities since retrieving the BMG crate from the Port Airlock. After establishing the Crewman Lauren was not responsible for the fake BMG, she was no longer considered a viable culprit for this infraction. This would normally mean that the Crewman was free to go; however, during the investigation, she admitted to unlawfully taking some of the items originally found in her pockets. She was remanded to the Brig for Petty Theft and is awaiting review by Captain Sel.

During this portion of the investigation, I was made aware by Commander sh'Zarath (CMD-XO, USS Brahe) that Doctor Castillo would be auditing the remaining Biomimetic Gel stored aboard the Brahe. Security concurs with Command's directive and notes that, by policy, the storage of Biomimetic Gel, regardless whether it is used for Medical or Scientific research, falls under the preview of the Medical Staff.

After the preliminary investigation into Crewman Lauren was completed, Captain Sel summoned the Brahe's Security Officers to conduct a brief policy review in the Conference Room on Deck 1. It was at the conclusion of this meeting that Doctor Castillo and Senior Science Officer James Thompson (LCDR-SCI, USS Brahe) entered and provided the results of their findings.

Doctor Castillo and LCDR Thompson indicated that Doctor Castillo entered Science Lab 2 where Doctor Castillo conducted the audit of 10 milliliters of Biomimetic Gel (in a 50 milliliter vial), finding the gel to be of the same composition as the gel entered into evidence as 97235-174-002. It was immediately upon this finding that Science Lab 2 was sealed and the newly found fraudulent gel was brought to the Conference Room. LCDR Thompson stated during the Conference Room briefing that he observed the withdraw and scan of the vial and that both officers immediately conducted themselves to this security officer.

At this meeting, Doctor Castillo also provided a PADD containing inventory and shipping information for all Biomimetic Gel shipments to the Brahe. This datapad also included an audit of the Sickbay's stores, which showed them to not only be authentic, but untouched since the original order conducted by the former Chief Medical Officer.

Finally, Doctor Castillo's tricorder was retrieved so that it's functionality could be confirmed. The following was entered into evidence:
  • 1 50 milliliter vial containing ~10 milliliters of a blue gel-like substance | 97235-174-003
  • 1 PADD containing inventory and audit information | 97235-174-004 (released)
  • 1 Standard Issue Medical Tricorder | 97235-174-005 (released)

The contents of 97235-174-004 were copied into this report as an attachment. The PADD itself was returned to Doctor Castillo's office.

The tricorder 97235-174-005 was temporarily held by Security while a second tricorder was used to compare the scans of the vials to confirm the scans matched. As both tricorders present the same findings, 97235-174-005 was returned to Doctor Castillo's office.

The shipping information shows that Lt. T'Vir ordered 510 milliliters of BMG during her six-month tenure aboard the Brahe. Further, as a xenobiologist, Lt. T'Vir was listed as an Approved Consumer of small amounts of Biomimetic Gel, so the amounts ordered were not flagged as suspicious.

Shipping logs also show that Lieutenant T'Vir approved most of those shipments.

My own investigation into T'Vir shows no previous infractions or concerns regarding her use as an Approved Consumer. Lieutenant T'Vir's service record is spotless and generally conforms to what one would expect from a studious, meticulous officer.
//End of Report//

Please contact my office if there is anything further we can do to assist in this effort.

Best Regards,
Captain Zaliel Sel
Commanding Officer, USS Brahe

Security Level 2 - Confidential

TO CAPT Ailes, B.
CC <DS13/Command>; CMDR sh'Zarath, T.; LT Castillo, V.

SUBJ RE: Urgent Security Matter

Good Evening Captain Ailes,
I'm writing you this evening to offer my compliments and appreciation for the DS13 Security Team regarding their assistance in the aforementioned matter. Ensign Jefferson made it clear that their involvement helped resolve this matter quickly and efficiently.

The suspicion over Lieutenant T'Vir should be considered closed, as another Brahe officer was determined to be the culprit. That individual's belated confession will likely put this matter to rest.

The Brahe thanks your officers again for their assistance.

Captain Zaliel Sel
Commanding Officer, USS Brahe