TO: Engineering Department DS19 SUBJ: New Tasks!

TO: Engineering Department
CC: Commander T'irin
FROM: CMDR. R. Brot'la
SUBJECT: New Tasks!


Good day! We had quite a couple week haven't we? No more war, couple of ships went broken due to that Mandukar person and we had ourselves a terrorist on board that broke our EPS junctions like every week! How horrible. Anyway, I want you all to welcome a new Officer to the team that will be integrated soon. Violet Elizabeth Skye, Lieutenant, all the way from Utopia Planitia! She'll be taking up duties around the shipyard. We have a lot of things to do, people to work with, it'll be good to have ourselves a shipwright that can sort things out! Anyway, I have set a couple tasks down for some of you officers that I'd like you to look into or at least your teams. Don't worry, You don't have to do this, just send me a negative and Rix will find your respected colleague to get all the credit.

Officer NameTask Description
Lieutenant Junior Grade Agnieszka KaczmarekI'd like you to work on a new project with you team at the end of the week. Find out what we need the most and run that by me or T'irin for approval! Think deflectors, engine upgrades and all that! Life of an Experimental Engineer is about to start!
Lieutenant Junior Grade Alexander VangilderPlease find a way for the people in the repair teams to quicker haul around equipment. I've had a friend that worked on upgrading the workbees, maybe you can look into those! Create a miniature transporter padd. You know, to beam down a wrench. Might be usefull avenue of research! Anyway, please look into it!
Ensign T'pemi CarterCarter, I want you to welcome Violet into our wonderful department. Help her with things, get to know how she works and relay that info to the bossman! Me! Rix! Anyway, that will do it for this week. Pay attention, you can learn a lot!
Lieutenant Violet SkyeGet familiar with the starbase, it's layouts, command structure and everything that comes with that. We have a lot of experimental systems on ships in the fleet so try to read up on the most important as well! Please check that your medical vaccinations are in check as well, lots of traffic around here. Thanks!
Assistant Chief Of Engineering T'irinWe need to have a talk about the several new officers and the team compositions. So I'd like to see you soon. Mhm! Also I need your advice on some issues that I have!

Anyway, that's it for this week! Hope you folks all enjoy your task, send me a message if you need clarifications.


Commander Rix Brot'la
Chief Engineer of Deep Space Thirteen
Starbase attached to the the 38th Fleet

(( Just to clarify, this is in no way something you have to do, just a prompt for people to get busy with some good old engineering rp. tell me if you'd like to do something else or think your character would be better at another task. ))