TO: FCapt. Perim; CC khre'Riov T'lhsihtrha; SUBJ: USS Ulysses

TO: FCpt. Neema Perim
CC: khre'Riov Rellir T'lhsihtrha
FROM: Sbcmdr. Vatka t'Dre'el
SUBJ: USS Ulysses

:: Standard Level 3 Encryption

During our last patrol me and my crew found the runabout Ulysses drifting roughly 15 lightyears towards the galactic west of the imaga system. Our initial scans of the vessel showed that both it and the AI you refer to as "VICCI" were completly shutdown. A large amount of residue tachyon radiaton suggests that this may be the cause of that.

According to my information the runabout was carrying two long range sensor probes, one of wich is missing, wich are in theory capable of delivering tachyon radiation in a sufficient enough amount to cause the disruption of the runabouts operation.

The current theory of me and my senior staff is that one of the sensor probes malfunctioned and crewman VICCI attempted to dump it only to get caught in its radiation field anyway. I would like to point out that this is only our own theory. We will of course hand over all sensor data we took of the vessel to starfleet if you desire so you can undergo your own investigations.

As for the crewmen itself. The AI is currently in a state that we can only assume to be compareable to a artificial coma. I decided against a attempt to reactivate it since i dont have a specialist for artificial intelligences on my vessel. I left the AI as well as the runabout in the custody of DS13's engineering staff.

Sbcmdr. Vatka t'Dre'el
RRW Arreinye
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