TO: Gen. Wrot'Ka (Intel report on infections)

TO: General Wrot'Ka

FROM: Major K'Minti

SUBJECT: Intel on parasitic infections

As you know the Romulan Kirina has provided intelligence on the possibility of various Klingons being infected with the parasites known to be employed by the Iconians. Intel has run into some difficulty in verifying these claims by the Romulan, even at the lost of two agents. We can confirm though that at least four or more members of the House of Kiltarak have been affected by the parasites. Two of which have already been dealt with by Strike Force Kargas and at least one more who is currently in hiding. Captain Kazak of the IKS Doj is the one we're currently trying to track down. At this time we're unsure if his crew is aware that their captain no longer controls his thoughts or perhaps they too are under the control of the Iconians.

Due to the sensitive nature of our investigations and in an attempt not to alert other members of the House, we've yet to make contact with General Mek'tor, Son of Darj, the new leader of the House. Detecting these creatures can be difficult, Intel suggests proceeding with caution.

Furthremore, we' also uncovered what could be the possible source of these parasites. Several months prior to the invasion, we've noticed several members of the House, including General Darj meeting with a Deferi whom we have no name for as of yet. While we are not completely certain that this Deferi is a pawn to the Iconians, if we can prove this to be so, then there's no telling how many others or for how long this has been going on under our very noses!