To: Konie | Subj: Diplomatic Incident

Security Level 3 - Restricted

TO RADM D. Konieczko
CC --
FROM LT S. Valore
SUBJ Diplomatic Incident

Rear Admiral, Sir.

I was going to wait until I had filed an AAR, but this situation may be cause of concern for you.

Some time ago, the Endeavour had acquired an officer of a foreign government that was in a state of civil war. Earlier today, we attempted to return her to her people and establish First Contact, as desired by Captain Bishop.

We journeyed to the planet of Mrena in the Nwr system, formally controlled by the Planetary Trade Union. To the best of my knowledge, the Civil War is still ongoing.

We arrived to discover the entire diplomatic corp no longer exists, her CO in the process of execution by firing squad at the same time we arrived, and an emotional breakdown by the officer still on the Endeavour.

So far, the translated feeds indicate that the incident had to do with some sort of Holy War. As of right now, the Endeavour has not initiated formal First Contact, though I would be surprised if they did not notice a Federation vessel in their home system.

Captain Bishop aborted the mission and we are returning to DS13 in the hopes of establishing political asylum for the officer. I would also highly recommend counseling, as she does appear to be in a highly emotional state.

I will have an AAR filed as soon as I am able, sir, but I thought it prudent to inform you of potential diplomatic ramifications should this state believe we are holding one of their 'heretics'.

I serve at your pleasure,

LT S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of Rear Admiral Konieczko