To: Koniezcko | Subj: Speeches

Security Level 1 - Open

TO RDML D. Koniezcko
CC LTJG J. Cullum
SUBJ Speeches


Per your request, I have attached drafts of some speeches for the ceremony. Please inform me if none of them are to your liking or if you wish to make changes. I can set-up a teleprompter for you before the speech.

I would also like to apologize for any lack of quality. This is the first time I have written speeches for a ceremony. I was not entirely sure what it was you would want to say.

I serve at your pleasure.

LTJG S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of the Rear Admiral

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As Rear Admiral and Executive Officer of this fleet, I find myself in a unique position. I see and hear a lot that the average person can't. Over the past year, I've seen many of you grow and develop. That's why we have these awards, isn't it? We are not born Starfleet officers - it's something we have to dedicate our entire lives to. Throughout our careers, we make choices. Some of them are easy, they're clear and obvious. They don't weigh us down but give us certainty. Some of them are hard, the solution isn't always easy to find. Some of them have too many choices or not enough. The decisions we make can weigh on our shoulders a long time.

That is what this ceremony is about. It's about recognizing the choices we make as Starfleet officers. When you look at these medals, don't just see them as pieces of metal. Let them remind you of the choices you have made. Let them remind you of the good you have done in the galaxy.

Thank you.

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We are Starfleet. That statement carries a lot of weight. Maybe more than we originally realize. We're there when distant stars are discovered. We're there when new scientific breakthroughs are made. We are the helping hand that pulls people out of danger. The shield that keeps harm away. When the Galaxy looks for aid, they look to Starfleet. They look to us. And what do they see? They see what I see: a dedicated group of people with unparalleled dedication and unmatched skill. We can make the galaxy just a bit brighter, kinder, and united. When you're on a mission, never forget who you are and they will never forget that you are the 38th Fleet and you made the galaxy better. You are Starfleet.

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Liberty, Security, and Dignity. The ideals we hold close to ourselves and try to bring to others. The flaming torch in an otherwise dark galaxy.

Starfleet must be there for those who live in fear. Those who can't speak up without reprisal and have to hide who they are. Those who never understood us and can't because of a wide curtain laid out by their governments. We have to be there for them when nobody else can. To show that they are not alone and are never alone. Where there is tyranny, we shall tread.

We must be the shield between the innocent and those who wish to harm them. We must be the vanguard of justice and the shield against all threats - foreign and domestic. We must never falter. We must never fail. We stand and fall together and so too does the security of the Federation.

And so too will we carry the people who rise and fall with us. We are not only judged by the heights our greatest heroes rise to, but also by the depths of those lowest among us. We must never forget dignity. Compassion. Love for our fellow living being.

Starfleet is more than just a job or a career. It is a way of life that defines us. It is who we are.

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Here we are again. Another year has passed. I see old faces, veterans of these awful affairs. Forced to watch me get up here and say things while they're running through their head whether they got that medal they've been aspiring towards or how many more of these they can take. Maybe you're thinking something along the lines of 'shut up and give me my medals.'

I see new faces, who probably have no idea what's going on right now. Maybe you're wondering if you'll get that commendation or if the paperwork was lost somehow and you'll just have to remain an ensign forever.

Whichever you are, welcome to the Fall 2418 Awards. It's my honor, as Rear Admiral and Fleet Executive Officer, to speak to all of you today. These aren't just colorful pieces of metal you're getting today. These are commendations and recognition for all of the hard work and effort you put into everything you do. I am proud to present them to you personally.

Let's get started.