TO: LCDR Blake, K | Body Discovered at Vanilla Or Bust

To: LCDR Blake, K
From: Petty Officer Stobbart
Subj: Body Discovered


I have discovered Ensign Crabtree dead in a tank of ice cream at Vanilla or Bust. I’ve locked the place down and called in additional security. Lieutenant Razbury is here and has taken charge and said I did a good job calling medical and forensics who are taking tricorder images of the scene right now.

I don’t know if he drowned in it or what but it smells awful down here. I think he’s been here a couple of days.

Petty Officer Gregory Stobbart

To: PO Stobbart
From: LCDR Blake, K.
Subj: RE: Body Discovered

Thank you for your report, Petty Officer. I understand that won’t have been easy for you to find unprepared, so will grant a leave of absence should you wish.

Lieutenant Commander Kara Blake
Chief Security Officer,
Deep Space 13

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