TO: LCDR Sedai | SUBJ: Arrangements

To: LCDR Katriel Sedai
CC: -
From: Matriarch Pholora
Subj: Arrangements


Please accept my gratitude for your negotiating efforts. We are not a race given naturally to violence, and we prize our peaceful life very highly, but I fear without your intervention, matters might have ended poorly.

I must ask for additional assistance. The guard ship we used to travel to your starbase is not well-equipped as a habitation, and my people are used to an open sky and a gentle wind. Moreover, the unexpected travelling companions we brought with us were not properly provisioned with quarters prior to our departure, and though they have have been both tolerated and tolerant, I think we would all appreciate some space to reflect and prepare for the trial ahead.

We ask that you find a place for fifteen of us to reside on your station for the duration of this visit. We have sufficient rations several times over for a stay of ten days and Captain Lissa and her first officer have elected to remain with our vessel.

Matriarch of the Golden Citron
Katori IX


To: Matriarch Pholora (@Calyx)
CC: CAPT Varley (@Lauren)
From: LCDR Sedai
Subj: Re: Arrangements

Greetings, Matriarch.

I’m pleased that I was able to be of service at that critical time and as previously stated, we would be happy to house you on station for the duration of your stay.

I have forwarded your message to Captain Varley, our station commander, as this and the venue for the trial will be very much her purview. She will likely be contacting you shortly to make arrangements.

After you are all settled, I would be amenable to assisting you further in any way you deem necessary. I hope your stay here is a pleasant one, circumstances notwithstanding.

LCDR Sedai, Katriel


To: Matriarch Pholora
CC: CMDR Sakkhet (@Nimitz)
From: CAPT Varley, L.
Subj: Re: Arrangements

Matriarch Pholora, welcome to Deep Space 13.

I’ve been briefed on the situation and we are happy to accomodate you. Guest quarters for you and your staff will be made ready with the help of Commander Sakkhet, my chief of starbase operations.

There’s no need to dive into your rations supply, we can provide you with food appropriate to your peoples’ biology and palette. Our replicators might not be as satisfying as home cooking, but they are very versatile. You’ll also find a wide selection of commercially available food and other amenities in our promenade section, the same place you’ll be staying.

I’ll assist in facilitating the purpose of your stay here every way I can, but feel free to contact me directly should you require anything else.

Captain Lauren Varley
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 13
38th Fleet ‘Argo’