TO: LT CMDR K, Sedai; | SUBJ: Mental Health Evaluation

Security Level 2 - Confidential

CC --
FROM LT CMDR S. IT. al Firawn

SUBJ Mental Health Evaluation

Lieutenant Commander,

I have been informed that you were the person I should ask for a mental health evaluation. Since I have not had one such eval in a while, I have been forced to undertake one before I am authorised for duty.

To this end, I am attaching my schedule for the next few days. Please pick a suitable time; if none are suitable for you this weekend, we can arrange another time.
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Just PM me Kat whenever you're free, I'm mostly free every night at Beta. Thank you! :)

I have attached my reports as some pre-reading so that the evaluation may go as smooth as possible.
Spoiler: ReportsShow
All the reports summerise into suggesting that Sulayman is a model Starfleet officer. Very well focused, he succeeds in most things he tries. Though his primary field is science, he has shown considerable aptitude in the Medical field and has undertaken a few Engineering projects. He is athletic and is competent in combat situations.

However, an added report that was sent later, and that Sulayman hasn't seen, is as follows. It is from Captain V'Lala, Commanding officer of the al-Haytham.

As he has no doubt shown you, Sulayman is academically brilliant. His rapid promotions have been based on this talent he has. However, if he is to rise above his current rank, Sulayman needs to show that he has a life outside of books and that he can learn to communicate effectively in a team. Sulayman is a solo player and regards himself as such. In Starfleet though, you cannot do everything on your own. He needs to build a relationship with his peers, learn to talk and share, and must understand to trust the abilities of others if he is to succeed.
Thus I am sending him to DS 13 early so that he can build these skills before he takes on the role of First Officer.



Lieutenant Commander Sulayman Ibn Tariq al Firawn
First Officer, USS al-Haytham

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