To: LT Niraj, A. I SUBJ: Status update request

To: LT Niraj [@Moose]
From: CMDR t’Nuhrruien
Subj: Status update request

Hey there, sport.

We didn’t get introduced probably before the, you know, hysteria and rapid issues with breathing. And since I’m not exactly the most social of butterflies it’s unlikely you know who I am. So, in the interests of not looking like a total creeper who just happened to tell you to sniff a virus infested plant, I figured I should introduce myself all proper. My name is Vriha t’Nuhurrien, Commanding officer of the R.R.W. Lahai. If we’re going to be on polite terms, Vera is acceptable. If not, I mean, there’s a lot of insults you can throw at me and you may feel free to be creative. Bonus points if you make up one I haven’t heard before.

Mostly, I wanted to write and make sure that you’re all right and not having any lingering distress after the incident with the hell plant. If you’re anything like me and trying to ignore that this entire thing happened lest your crew find out you nearly got killed by a plant, again, you might want to measure your blood levels of oxygen over the next few hours. While plant virus isn’t smoke or water, anything that knocks you like that stuff did should be watched after.

Anyway, you handled that like a champ. Good job.

Vriha t’Nuhurrien
Commanding Officer,
R.R.W. Lahai


To: CMDR t’Nuhrruien
From: LT Niraj
Subj: RE: Status update request


Or Vera as you prefer! Thank you for your concern in checking up on me, I’m feeling much better now thank you, I think I was just unlucky to receive two blasts up close from the little bugger. I’m sure without your encouragement it would have been my next step either way, so there’s no hard feelings! I’m not sure how many insults I’d be able to come up with anyway.

Regardless, I shall keep an eye out over the next few days and maybe try keep the incident from my colleagues, though word spreads quickly through the 10,000 or so we have here, you might have an easier job of it!

I hope you recover fully in good time and I’ll keep an eye out around the base to thank you in person.

Lieutenant Junior Grade Alex Niraj
Computer Systems Specialist,
Deep Space 13

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