To: Lt. Rohraan Th'atelar | From ENS Veneela Sovum | Subj: A delicate matter

To: LT. Rohraan Th’atelar ( @Sam )
CC: CMDR J. Eunbi ( @Eunha )
From: ENS Veneela Sovum
Subj: A Delicate Matter

Good Morning,
I have something of a personal matter that I need assistance with. Two nights ago I received a call from my mother via subspace sounding quite distraught and adamant about a missing family member. The problem is that the family member in question is currently serving with the Romulan Republic and most likely is not accessible via Starfleet databanks. I was hoping I may gain an audience with Wing Commander Miral in assistance with looking into my family members’ whereabouts so that I may alleviate the concerns of my mother.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter

ENS Veneela Sovum
Medical Student / Physician
U.S.S Endeavour

//ATTACHMENT// calllogvsovum98407.9.ext