TO: LT T'Shair | SUBJ: How Are You?

Stardate 95848.8
Security Level 1 - Open

TO LT T'Shair
FROM CAPT A. Derenzis
SUBJ How Are You?

Dear T'Shair,

I'm sorry; I should have kept in closer contact since we last spoke. I'd tried writing before when I heard you'd been transferred to Earth for treatment, but one way or another I hadn't been able to finish a message, and so I kept deleting it and putting it off. I've no excuse beyond my own cowardice.

Recent events, both in the line of duty, and of a more personal nature, have forced me to rethink a lot of things. I miss you, and while I'm not sure we can or should pick up where we left off, I've found I still want you to be part of my life, and I hope you want me to be part of yours again. At the very least, I want to know if you're getting better. Has there been any improvement in your condition? Have the doctors found a treatment that can help?

Will I see you again? Do you want to see me again?

We're currently on an exploratory patrol, so it'll be some time before we're back in port again. But I'd love to hear from you.

Your dear scientist,

CAPT Alyx J. Derenzis
Commanding Officer / U.S.S. Shackleton
TO CAPT. Derenzis, A
CC ~~~~
FROM T'Shair
SUBJ RE: How Are You?

Dear Alyx,

You need not be sorry for putting off contact, I understand why you have and it is not due to cowardice.. It's a difficult thing to construct a message that does not sound.. forced, I admit I had questioned if you were going contact me or if you had still much on your mind. The reason for lack of contact on my end is to give you space, I had no wish to crowed you or force you into a situation where you would find yourself...confused or upset. You are no coward, you are a loving, brave woman to which I admire, i have done since we met and then on, I do not hold anything against you for how our past turned out. I was ill... under prepared for what I had undertaken, I regret nothing, least of all my time with you, I have a strong desire to be in your life Alyx, As for if we should pick up or start once more, we should discuss that face to face at some point, not over a communication; that is a decision that needs to be determined while looking into your bright green eyes.

I am glad you have had a chance to reflect on your life, given my time in this medical suite I admit I have had much time to reflect on my life also and past events, If it isn’t forward or odd for me to say, my time with you has been some of the best time in my life spent, I learned much. I still have much to learn and I endeavour to do it continuing to be in your life, I will answer this as blunt as I can because I do love you; You will see me again. I want to see you again as much as Valore wants to do paperwork. You are the puzzle piece currently missing from my heart you are special.

As for my condition, yes the doctors here have begun a treatment program, again that is something that I believe should be shared in person and not over a subspace communication Perhaps soon you would be able to visit myself and we may discuss what happens to us, to myself in the future, for now I await your next message.

Your puzzling Vulcan