To: Nimitz | Subj: Art Auction

TO CAPT A. Nimitz
CC --
FROM LT S. Valore
SUBJ Art Auction

Captain Nimitz,

I hope all is well with the Pegasus. Presently, I am on Vulcan to deal with a familial matter. However, as it happens, I am currently attempting to acquire an art piece from an art auction - perhaps you have heard of it? You have helped me tremendously during my tenure on the Pegasus, and I could use further assistance now. As it happens, I am locked in an immortal struggle with Rear Admiral Konieczko over a particular artwork. If you are attending the gala, could you send me gala-appropriated funds to assist in my bid against the Admiral?

I will ensure to repay the favor. I thank you for everything, Captain.

Lieutenant S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of Rear Admiral Konieczko
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