To: Perim, Freeman, Thiessen, North, Mandukar; From: SCDR Aurelia

Jolan tru.

This memorandum is a reminder that the Debrune Ascendancy is actually a nom de plume for the terrorist organization once headed by D'Kera Mandukar Prime.

It is a reminder that the clones of D'Kera Mandukar Prime are still handling their business from a stolen vessel, the RRW Vauthilai.

It is a reminder that whatever they're doing on the Masaad planet, they're also engaging in unknown malfeasance close to the Star Empire border. The intelligence has already been forwarded to the fleet office, but Special Search & Seizure will be glad t forward the gd wk f clleages yet again.

It is a reminder that negotiating with this Ascendancy may be looked on as problematic by my superiors in the Romulan Republic.

Please contact me with any questions you may have.

SCDR Aurelia

* in an interesting bit of Romulan technology, it seems that Aurelia has *entered in* "Nameless One," but that the program she's using changed the words she's writing to "D'Kera Mandukar" so that she does not have to violate her cultural code that has removed D'Kera from Aurelia's vocabulary.