TO: Perim, Neema | SUBJ: Hi, stranger.


TO Perim, Neema
FROM CAPT Thiessen
SUBJ Hi, stranger.

Hi Neema.

I want to start off by letting you know that I understand why you did what you did. I'm grateful, though I can say I would have preferred it not to happen. Hopefully this will help keep the fleet here stable. Thank you.

Caspius is doing an amazing job with getting people back to work on the starbase. I visited the other night, to collect belongings and help with transporter work. Working as his superior was such a treat and to see him thriving despite what happened? You made a great choice promoting him. I can't be upset about that, even given the circumstances.

I thought I should pass on that he's worried about you, Neema. Don't tell him I told you of course, but if you have a chance once you've settled with things on Sol, he might appreciate you reach out. He seems to look up to you more than I had realized. You know how intractable he can be with certain things. Of course if he's already reached out to you, ignore that.

I'd love to talk more, soon. Not work. Just to say hi, see how you're doing. Just let me know when you feel up to that, okay? Please don't be a stranger. Things ended strangely romantically between us, professionally even worse, in a way. You're still one of the most admirable people I know, Neema, and I hope I can still count you as a friend. Thank you for being who you are.

Hit me up when you can, and God bless.

TO CAPT Thiessen
FROM Perim, N.
SUBJ RE: Hi, stranger.

Hi Tau.

I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to speak with you before making my decision. I'm glad you and Caspius are still on good terms. That's important. I realize the uncomfortable position I've left you in, but I'm confident that you will find your way through.

As for me, truth be told, the time off is kind of nice. Please don't spend any energy worrying. I'm doing just fine.

Say hello to Sara for me.


TO Perim, Neema
FROM CAPT Thiessen
SUBJ Re: Hi, stranger.

Glad to hear, Neema.

Message passed to Sara. On that note I wanted to throw out there that she might be getting a medical procedure done on Mars in the next month or so (everything's fine with her and the baby that sounds alarmist) and if that's the case, we'll be in the area. If you haven't kicked out to somewhere else by then I hope we can meet up.

One of us will reach out.