To: RADM. Bishop, 38th Command Staff / From: CAPT. Linore, Barid | SUBJ: Briefing on Diplomatic Mission to Klingon Empire

To: RADM. Bishop, Samuel
CC: @38th.Command
From: CAPT. Linore, Barid
Subj: U.S.S. Wellesley Report on Klingon Post-War Humanitarian Mission

Admiral Bishop,

I am happy to report that our efforts to improve diplomatic relations with the Klingon Empire following their unfortunate internal conflict has met with resounding success. Stationed out of Deep Space K-7, the Wellesley acted as a multi-mission support vessel assisting in Klingon salvage operations and essential humanitarian work. Notable efforts include the delivery of essential medical supplies to Klingon border colonies, the escort of Federation and Klingon humanitarian missions along vulnerable trade routes, and the occasional engagement of Syndicate activity in and around certain blind spots on the KDF’s radar.

You’ll find a full report of our dealings, with all the details and in its entirety, in the attached 23 page briefing. Bottom line, sir? We’ve made inroads to stable relations with the Klingon Empire. Whether that will mean much in the uncertain times ahead is unknown, but it’s progress and that can’t be overlooked.

The Wellesley is on route to rendezvous with the 38th Fleet by sometime in the next hour or so. We’ll be docking at DS13 for some much needed R&R until our next posting. We’re ready to get back out there at your convenience and discretion, sir.

Barid Linore
Commanding Officer,
USS Wellesley

//ATTACHMENT// Wellesley23PageReport.txt