TO: RADM Bishop | SUBJ: Memorandum on Strategy

To: RADM S. Bishop
From: CAPT C. Dubois, USS Peacecraft
Subj: Memorandum on Strategy


I’m writing this small brief to you in the hope that my reflections may be useful to this Command in the planning of future operations in our conflict against the Terrans.
As the Peacecraft is currently docked for emergency repairs after our last encounter with the Terrans around Axikol, I took the opportunity to put into writing my analysis of the current strategic situation together with my suggestions on how to proceed further.

Analysis of Strategic Situation

As this Command is well aware, this is the current frontline between us and the Terrans. From an overall point of view, the current situation could be described as favourable to us. Our most recent operations have managed to push the Terrans back a few system, and also to liberate the Tellarite colony on Axikol, despite the setback suffered by the allied task force in the Dartius system.
In particular, the Terran frontline covering Dartius itself, together with the Droni system, is dangerously exposed, from their point of view. The same could be said for the two key systems of Itrin and Kacam, about whose importance this Command is in no need of a reminder.
Things change is we look at the picture from the point of view of available assets. Operations have by their own nature put a strain on our units. The same, however, could be said for the Terrans, who have suffered a significant number of losses, which, despite our lack of reliable intelligence concerning their fleet, may be considered to be much higher than ours.
Of coure, it is a universal principle of strategy that whoever has the shortest frontline has the opportunity to maximize the use of their assets thanks to their moving along internal lines, contrary to what happens to whoever has the longest one. The latter is our case, as, based on our current frontline, we are forced to spread our units along a longer distance compared to the Terrans, helping them in bridging the gap caused by their losses.
This leads directly to the next issue on the table: what will happen next. Estimates based on what we have seen of Terran strategic culture and behavior points clearly in the direction of an offensive operation they will launch soon. Though it is impossible to say when and where this offensive will take place, there is no doubt that it will happen. For this reason, it is imperative that we retain the strategic initiative, exploiting with all available means our success, and pushing further the Terran frontline in order for our enemies not to muster enough forces to launch their operations.

Identifying the Terran Center of Gravity

In order to do this, further consideration must be given at identifying the center of gravity of the Terran forces. While the Terran purposes in pursuing their operations in our universe are, at least, ambiguous and unclear, the direction of their military operations is more explicit. Their focusing their efforts against the Azedi Confederacy proves that they have possibly two priorities:

  1. To establish a coherent and secure base of operations;
  2. To gain resources deemed fundamental for their own strategy, resources that the Azedi Confederacy possess (and what we know of Azedi technology may hint at a connection between these resources and their use of wormholes).

To achieve these two goals, the key assets available to them are their mobile forces, and consequently the capabilities needed to effectively mobilize and use them. In other words, the Terran CoG should be identified directly in their fleet and all those infrastructures allowing them to use it.

Strategic Plan Proposal

For the reasons outlined above, I took the liberty of formulating a draft for a strategic plan to be implemented, should this Command decide to do so, as soon as feasible. This plan is based on the identification of the Terran CoG just proposed, and its main objective should be considered to be the destruction or, alternatively, the significant reduction in operational effectiveness of the Terran fleet and its supporting infrastructures.

Three different operations are implemented in the proposed plan.

  1. The first one (marked by red circle) is a diversionary attack against the Kilur system. Our recent setback on Dartius may have perhaps given some respite to the Terrans, but it would be foolish, even for them, not to expect another attempt by us. Playing on this expectation, a task force should be directed against Kilur. The strategic relevance of the system for the current Terran frontline is evident, so any offensive operation carried out by us against Kilur is likely to be perceived by the Terrans as a direct and relevant threat. As such, it is reasonable to assume they would due everything in their power to stop us from taking the system, deploying whatever assets availabble to them to stop our advance. As our recent experience on Axikol demonstrated, it could be possible to enhance the effectiveness of the ruse by deploying a number of non-human vessels in the task force, in order to play with the well-known xenophobic ideology of the Terrans.

  2. The movement of Terran forces to counter our operation against Kilur will in turn open the window for our core offensive operations. The first of them (marked by the two green circles on the map) will target Itrin and Kacam. The objective will be the destruction of all Terran ships in the area of operations, and the recovery of what may be left of fleet-support infrastructures in both systems. In case the assets available to the operation should be less than what could be reasonably needed for attacking both system, concentration of forces should be prioritized, and only one system chosen as target, possibly Itrin (due to its relative closeness to our frontline and also to our diversionary operation against Kilur).

  3. Finally, the second core operation will be directed against the Azed system. Similalry to what planned for Itrin and Kacam, its objective will be first and foremost the destruction of whatever ship the Terrans will have kept in the system. The liberation of the center of the Azedi Confederacy will add further political and military benefits, but the destruction of the enemy forces (as per the considerations outlined in the paragraph devoted to the Terran CoG) should be prioritized.

The eventual success of both operations should pave the way for further offensives, to be pursued immediately in order to exploit the success to the maximum level possible. The Ralin and Viggo systems, in particular, should be considered as the next targets.

Expected Outcome

With their fleet crippled and/or immobilized, we will have achieved the fundamental objective of defeating the Terran strategy. Unable to pursue their plan, and with no forces readily available to execute a different strategy, the Terrans will have two options in front of them: either to fight to the end, or to withdraw.
It is beyond doubts, given the informations we currently possess and the observation of past behavior, that the Terrans will chose to fight if they will perceive to have no escape route. For this reason, in order to minimize losses, it is imperative that at least one possibility for withdrawal should be left open to them at every moment, if their forces will still possess some form of significant operational capability. Viceversa, should our operations inflict to the Terrans far more devastating a defeat than expected, we should make all efforts to cut the Terrans off their escape route. This way, the complete destruction of their forces could serve as a deterrent for any further aggression against our universe, while also providing us valuable data and intelligence via the capture of Terran officers and/or their vessels and technology.

Concluding Remarks

As I wrote at the beginning, I hope these thoughts of mine will be useful to this Command to plan our next moves. Whatever your decision, Admiral, hopefully this conflict will be over soon.
I am of course available should you need or wish for further details or clarifications.

Captain Christian Dubois
Commanding Officer,
USS Peacecraft