TO: RADM Konieczko; Subj: Request for Transfer

Security Level 1 - Open

TO RADM Konieczko
CC CAPT Tlei ; CMDR Narzin
SUBJ Request for Transfer

Rear Admiral,

Please find attached my formal request to be reassigned to the U.S.S Brindisi as her new CMO. The transfer has been approved by both Captain Tiel, CO of the Brindisi and Commander Narzin, CO of the Akula. I am requesting immediate reassignment pending your approval.

Lieutenant Commander R'Rurra
CMO, USS Akula

//ATTACHMENT// LCDRRRurratransfer.form

OOC: The player captain of the Akula has been MIA for some time and indicated to me outside of game that they may not be back, so I'm moving R'Rurra to another player crew where I can be more active.
Security Level 1 - Open

TO ENS H. Mann
CC RADM D. Konieczko; LCDR R'Rurra
FROM LT S. Valore
SUBJ FWD: Request for Transfer

Ensign Mann,

I believe this transfer request concerns you. I thank the personnel office for its efficiency.

LT S. Valore
Administrative Yeoman
Office of the Rear Admiral
Stardate 95990.7
Security Level 1 - Open

CC CAPT Tlei, A.; CMDR Narzin,E.; SCDR. t'Cyklaas, E.
FROM ENS. Mann, H.
SUBJ Assignment Orders - SD95990.7

Commander R'Rurra,

Effective stardate 95990.7(28 DEC 2418), You are hereby reassigned within the 38th Fleet 'Argo'. You are requested and required to report for assignment as Chief Medical Officer on board the U.S.S. Brindisi, NCC-93642 by Stardate 95011.6 (05 JAN 2419). Upon arrival you are required to hand over your transfer orders to Subcommander Eviess t'Cyklaas, Executive Officer of the U.S.S Brindisi and report for permanent assignment.

Ensign Hugh Mann
Personnel Officer
38th Fleet 'Argo'

//ATTACHMENT// specifi1143_alc93421_msd.ttr
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